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  1. Dry fire aids- anyone using them?

    The system completely replaces the barrel and entire recoil system (spring, rod, striker tips) in your firearm with one that's made for CO2. The website says CO2 only and under FAQ it says not to use nitrogen or compressed air, and to use CO2 only. As far as the cleaning goes, you will just need...
  2. Dry fire aids- anyone using them?

    There is a dry fire training system that was introduced at shot show not too long ago. It's called CoolFire Trainer. The system is a little pricey but once you have everything, it's like shooting a live fire round with each trigger pull. Gives you the recoil and doesn't abuse your firearm. It...
  3. Tactical training

    I appreciate the advice! Like I said I am a newerish shooter and just trying to get better so any advice is appreciated! I will certainly keep that in mind moving forward with training! noted! I will certainly ask many questions before taking a class! I'm just starting to look into classes so I...
  4. Tactical training

    I haven't taken any classes other than safety classes so for me, any class will help me get better regardless on who I take it with. Have shot a lot but haven't taken any classes to get more advanced at shooting. I'm taking tactical dynamics classes first (right down the street from where I...
  5. Tactical training

    I'm going to be taking some Tactical Dynamics classes in Foxboro, MA this summer for pistol classes maybe shotgun. Cass Training Group in Granby, MA has some great classes for both pistol and rifle I might be taking as well at some point.
  6. help me choose a full size & mostly metal range 9mm (MA)

    Have tried a few different 9mm's. Fell in love with my Beretta 92FS. Then I had Wilson Combat do some upgrades and man did it change how much I already loved it haha. But the route I went was a little pricey. Having my M9A3 done from Wilson Combat soon as well
  7. Gartman Arms Temporarily Closed

    Good News for Gartman Arms! Opening again soon!
  8. Santurri Ltd - Gunsmith (N Attleboro, MA)

    Ha well Yahh but I was talking more in depth gunsmithing lol
  9. Santurri Ltd - Gunsmith (N Attleboro, MA)

    I would love to get into gunsmithing but have no idea where to start. Mechanically inclined and have a general knowledge of the machinery used due to my father and grandfather being machinists. I know there are books out there for gunsmithing but I learn way better hands-on. I would love to get...
  10. Non-Resident RI permit.

    I am down to throw whatever if needed but would like to get a group together that is all definites so we are not wasting Rob's time and so we can bring down cost for everyone. Not in a rush to take it so I can wait for a solid group to form. Looks like we have 3 definites so far. 1. Matt (Me)-...
  11. Non-Resident RI permit.

    Gotcha! Have 3! Need 2 more!
  12. Non-Resident RI permit.

    Awesome! Need 3 other people! Need 5 total have 2 so far! Any other takers?!
  13. Non-Resident RI permit.

    Ahh okay I was just trying help you out but noted! Anyone interested??
  14. Non-Resident RI permit.

    So I needed Blue Card because I live on the border of RI and I have a few stores closer to me in RI for ammo then in MA. I just took the Blue Card test today. Honestly everything is about safety and the answer is always whatever is the safety out of all of them. I did read the booklet (there's...
  15. Non-Resident RI permit.

    Anyone trying to do the RI Qualification in March in Hopkinton? Need 5 total and I am 1 so just need 4 other people. $20 per person for the Hopkinton Sportsmen Association club and tips (not necessary but appreciated) to Rob the instructor. Just quote this in the message and say IN and we'll get...
  16. Non-Resident RI permit.

    I know I'm a little late but is there anything going on for RI Qualification anytime soon?
  17. Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

    I have a Beretta M9A3 and a Benelli Ethos SuperSport coming my way!
  18. Gunsmith Search

    Dave Santurri, 580 Kelly Blvd North Attleboro . Tucked behind Janitors' Emporium. Look for black Honda civil. Might miss signs as they are small. If you went past Cataldo Automotive you went too far. It's the one door before the garage on the left
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