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  1. Lighted nocks Mass

    none of my damn business, I'm not gonna rat anyone out. I just shake my head because of the amount of people that insist on cheating when it comes to hunting in a suburban area that already has a high deer population. Do you really need to have a feeder less than 100 yards behind your back door?
  2. Lighted nocks Mass

    I only ever had to knock on one door to retrieve a deer, the woman who answered was less than thrilled but gave me the ok. I quickly realized why she was less than thrilled when I walked into what was clearly a shooting range behind the house that was way too close to the neighbors and the...
  3. SE Mass taxidermists?

    from what I've been hearing the price Im paying is definitely on the very low end of the scale, I was expecting the bill to be over 1000. If i shoot something larger or more interesting I'll definitely pay the price to have it mounted again, but I'm really hoping to get into some upland bird...
  4. SE Mass taxidermists?

    This guy told me similar stories about people in the past and asked for half the charge up front for that reason which seemed perfectly reasonable to me but apparently people take issue with that sometimes. He also mentioned that I could swing by at any time if I wanted to make partial payments...
  5. SE Mass taxidermists?

    Never did update this thread. I found a guy in Somerset that came highly recommended and brought the head and cape to him. His trophy room was very impressive, cant wait to see his work. 18 mo turnaround though 🤷‍♂️ [banghead]
  6. How to get started in hunting?

    If I saw deer on a fairly regular basis I'd definitely let more of them walk on by once I had meat in the freezer. We see a good amount of deer in eastern mass but not enough to pass on a lot of them
  7. How to get started in hunting?

    I love the attitude that people take up "Oh why'd you shoot that little buck/doe? let it grow up into something bigger" Absolutely not, you get 2 buck tags and plenty of doe tags. I shoot the first deer I can most seasons to put meat in the freezer and maybe get a little picky after that if it's...
  8. How to get started in hunting?

    I'm sure you're right, but I'd love to though 🤣
  9. How to get started in hunting?

    that definitely seems accurate, I'd love to see the success rate broken down by zones. Here in 11 if you dont have an opportunity to shoot deer you're either a terrible hunter that cant pick a good spot or you're just not out there enough.
  10. How to get started in hunting?

    Presumably there's much fewer hunters in MA. Most people are blown away when I tell them I hunt here
  11. How to get started in hunting?

    Kinda how i'm feeling lately. I enjoy being out alone during bow season because of the weather but I'd like the option of bird hunting with my in laws as well
  12. How to get started in hunting?

    I definitely did, hard to keep new hunters interested without that experience... another reason why i really push people to try bowhunting, it starts in october so you can be out there in a sweatshirt most days. It's a lot harder to stick it out during shotgun when you're freezing and not...
  13. How to get started in hunting?

    gotta fill that freezer baby! Whitetail is the best for that purpose in my opinion. As you've said though it can be incredibly slow and unsuccessful depending on what zone you hunt. I got hooked because I killed a doe with a bow on my first day in the woods. I've learned since that you've got to...
  14. How to get started in hunting?

    Specifically gun hunting in MA? I strongly suggest picking up a bow to anyone interested in hunting MA. Adds another month and a half to the season, the weather is gorgeous, and far fewer guys in the woods. As far as the actual hunt. I recommend hunting with a buddy Who already has a few...
  15. How to get started in hunting?

    feel like i missed some info in the OP's question. What type of hunting are you interested in getting into? In order to get your first hunting license in MA you need to either have a hunters safety course under your belt(cant recall how they verify this) or be willing to tell a fib and say...
  16. Maine vs Sunday Hunting

    i dunno why everyone says that, I hunt them every season and do well. same as the group of guys I hunt with
  17. Maine vs Sunday Hunting

    Exactly, i'd say 10% of the guys I run into in construction are hunters, but guess what? we work 6 days a week fairly often. If they really wanted to cut down on the population, they'd allow sunday hunting post them! I cant imagine enough people would really go through the effort of maintaining...
  18. Let’s talk about tree stands

    Fall out of a tree...smash your a man 🤣
  19. Let’s talk about tree stands

    I used to worry about this a lot when using climbers, the potential of losing the bottom half is very real especially when you're in muck boots. I always tied the second together with a length of paracord but it would still take some upper body strength to recover the bottom half if it did fall.
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