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  1. Your New Knife!

    You're 100% correct on the cleanability. Ive always considered getting a regular fixed knife for hunting and fishing but a folder is so convenient short of keeping them clean
  2. Your New Knife!

    That is beautiful, I feel like i'd need a better way to secure it in the sheath at that price point though
  3. Your New Knife!

    $50,000,000,000 in javelins and all I get is a damn pocket knife?!?!
  4. Your New Knife!

    New one came in the mail Friday
  5. Your New Knife!

    I literally did that, then second guessed myself as I got closer to the metal detectors.
  6. Your New Knife!

    I did for a second but i ended up taking it back out. Didnt want to risk being the guy causing a scene at disney on ice with the kids. if it was a sox game it would be a different story had everything from nips to knives to flasks behind the ole belt buckle
  7. Your New Knife!

    Update, Disney on ice police took mine from me last night so I just ordered another 🤣
  8. Your New Knife!

    Just bought another stainless kershaw volt for my brother for Christmas. Had one of these in my pocket for years. Extremely slim profile for pocket carry, solid and smooth opening and closing, assist for one handed opening, extremely sharp from the factory, and the price is right so I don't...
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