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  1. I just can't buy a Glock.

    Hey ! Go easy on us jeep guys that ride Harley’s [cheers]
  2. I just can't buy a Glock.

    I almost googled it
  3. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    $500 ish
  4. What's up with this used LCR 22lr on GB?

    Sportsman’s Den yesterday had a few new ones in stock.
  5. Derr Precision "Static Chaser"

    Slick !
  6. Resealing an Old (and Very Special) CO2 Pistol

    I had the same one about 30 years ago. Wish I still had it. The seals wore out and it got put on a shelf somewhere.
  7. .22 Plinker Pistol Recommendations

    S&W Victory is fun plinker. Free state version has better sites.
  8. Antique Flint Lock needs repairs - SouthEast Mass!

    There is a guy in Hanover who can fix it. Pm me for more information.
  9. What are the most fun 22lr rifles

    X2 on the Marlin 60, I also love my old Remington nylon 66
  10. VP9 or Canik TP9SA or P320
  11. Looking for a S&W Model 41

    The issues are they are wicked expensive..I really want one too though. I believe you should only shoot standard velocity ammo.
  12. First home handgun; several choices... suggestions?

    This x2 ..the night sights are fantastic. Also , throw your favorite weapon light on it and you've got a great home defense gun that is also a good range gun.
  13. Bought a Ruger SR22 for the wifey and my daughter to shoot at the range with me but..

    I shoot one as well, feed it just about any .22 no problem. The upside down safety thing is kinda goofy, but its typically just a little range toy anyways so I guess its not that big of a deal. Its a great gun to get people into shooting with and pretty accurate to boot !
  14. First handgun - New S&W SW22 Victory

    I was told all of the testing has been done and they are going compliant any day.
  15. The new SW22 Victory is amazing!

    Glad you are enjoying it. They get great reviews.. Do you plan on running an optic ?
  16. First handgun - New S&W SW22 Victory

    Hey....I'm jealous.. I want mine.
  17. First handgun - New S&W SW22 Victory

    I plunked a $100.00 down on one 2 weeks ago at Hunters..I'm hoping its on April's roster..can't wait to pick it up.
  18. Best position ankle carry

    I carry my BG.380 on the inside of my left ankle, it sits on the edge of my low rise workbooks and allows me to carry all day everyday as a builder. I think whatever is comfortable for you, I don't see ankle carry as a quick draw type carry position.
  19. HK guns ???

    If I'm shooting .45 its gonna be my 1911. But your more than welcome to try my VP9 down at Hanson R &G ..were there all the time.
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