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  1. Gun in purse fires when dropped

    I was suggesting you do some grip training so you don't drop your gun 100's of times. I couldn't figure out why you'd drop your gun that many times. It was a thinly veiled attempt at humor.
  2. Gun in purse fires when dropped

    Elite FTS
  3. Sons Of Guns Premiere

    Buys a Haas mill... no idea how to make the simplest of parts. Calls Haas in to make it for him. GAME CHANGA
  4. Well Jay Mohr is a total asshat

    I was thinking the same thing.
  5. San Fransisco Bans Black Talon Ammunition...20 years after it's discontinued....

    In other news, California has also banned the sale, importation and ownership of velociraptors and pterodactyls. Good news however for Jurassic era enthusiasts, one can still own a Brontosaurus provided it's housing meets CA zoning and safety standards.
  6. Tax Stamp Question

    It'd be considered an operational holster, meaning it can be fired from it. Same with the mp5 briefcases, making it an AOW.
  7. Scott Brown to run for senate from NH?

    I would too, just on principle.
  8. Shooting on Your Own Land in NH

    Woke up this morning.... took a stroll to my deck, let rip two full auto mag dumps and went back to bed.
  9. How do I price my guns? Need to sell a couple.

    Check gunbroker then subtract 140 percent for "normal" pricing
  10. GSG STG44

    Very interested in this, almost picked one up last week.
  11. GOP senators threaten to filibuster gun control legislation

    No worries, my post wasnt directed towards you or anyone in particular, I just know some people wouldnt be happy until we can hoist a black flag over the WH. Im an anarcho capitalist at heart, and Rand isnt, but this time the lesser of two evils isnt even evil IMO.
  12. GOP senators threaten to filibuster gun control legislation

    It's sad that a lot of people still won't support him because he is not an exact mirror image of his farther. That he's slightly more authoritarian than Mikhail Bakunin and Emma Goldman. I'm quite happy with him, he's not perfect, I can't think of many that are, but he's showing actual heart...
  13. firearm related auto plates?

    I have one, but it's in NH, but when I go to MA I get weird looks for the Hummer and the blatant firearm plate. A local cop pulled me over for a burnt out tail light and didn't say a word about it though.
  14. Huge ammo shipment at SL Gun Shop in Mason, NH 3p.m. March 22, 2013

    Well I'm going there tomorrow, I'll probably buy a gun or two, or my fiancee will. I won't be buying any ammo, but who cares? They still have decent prices on guns, and as long as I don't deal with Dan, everyone is super nice and helpful.
  15. Huge ammo shipment at SL Gun Shop in Mason, NH 3p.m. March 22, 2013

    Eh their ammo prices have always been astronomical. Their gun prices arent too bad most of the time though. I just have a dont buy ammo policy there and its worked for me.
  16. A year in guns.

    Its a ton of fun, but its begging for me to SBR it. Its one of thode guns I purchased just to have but its pretty unique.
  17. A year in guns.

    This, I thought I was bad at 12k, I'd kill to have a 30k gun budget a year. I need a new job lol.
  18. Bravo Company cancels contract with Milwaukee PD

    IMO one of the best companies out there. Both for their quality and customer service, but also for the fact that they stand behind the rights of civilians and put them above all. I wish more companies would follow suit.
  19. No more unrestricted Ltc for any Weymouth residents

    Thats my home town also got my first ltc there when I lived in MA, they gave me target and hunting restrictions. I dont miss it there and only go back to see family. Makes me love NH so much more.
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