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  1. AR15 sights/optics questions

    Primary Arms makes a 3x only red dot optic that looks great but I don't want only 3x and I don't like having another dot on the side on an angle. So I am thinking of adding a magnifier to my Eotech set-up but I need to give up my BU irons. How do you guys feel about giving those up? I could add...
  2. AR15 sights/optics questions

    I have an AR15 with about a 16" barrel/muzzle brake. Currently I am using it with an Eotech 1x optic and Magpul BUS. I'm doing training drills 5-50 yards on paper with a 50 yard 0. So far that's been fine. I'm interested in trying 2-gun and the distances might be longer. So I am thinking about...
  3. Muzzle brake suggestions

    Thanks for everyone's replies. Still researching and spending too much time on this but it's pretty confusing. Since I live in Mass I must have something pinned and welded to prevent me from putting something bad on the barrel. That can be a muzzle break or a compensator but not a flash hider...
  4. Muzzle brake suggestions

    Thanks for the info. No suppressors in Mass though :(
  5. Muzzle brake suggestions

    Not my idea. Maura Healy the Mass Atty General says I must have one or else I am a felon.
  6. Muzzle brake suggestions

    They seem to have points or teeth on the front. This is one I am looking at
  7. Muzzle brake suggestions

    Looks like it would be since the ports face forward. I was wondering since the blast force is directed forward do these types increase the recoil?
  8. Muzzle brake suggestions

    What do you mean by blast? The fire/gas emitted? Correct not concerned about recoil reduction. Muzzle rise would be important.
  9. Muzzle brake suggestions

    Good point I am not really concerned about the recoil reduction.
  10. Muzzle brake suggestions

    I am overwhelmed by the choices. Someone on here sent me links to a series of tests measuring the distance the rifle pushed back compared to no break. That was helpful but does not narrow it down much. Does anyone have suggestions for these rifles? Note I am also concerned about how loud these...
  11. GoGun USA

    I want to contact them but on their website there is no contact information at all. Does anyone have an email or phone #? Has anyone ordered from them? I am interested in the SuperComp Tactical Talon and the SuperComp XL.
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