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  1. Derr Precision Classic Two Tone Colt

    I would love to see before and in-progress pictures.
  2. AR-9's - Teach Me

    Yes. Unfortunately (as far as I know) there's one guy who makes them, and requires you send him the trigger group. I understand that what you get back is quite good though. ETA:
  3. 308 build issues

    The set screw hole is how they get access to the gas port hole. Set up the mill once, drill, tap, drill. I think it's safe to say, "Set screw hole is lined up with the gas port"
  4. Steyr M9-A1 trigger job

    I have a Canik, it’s very nice. But that’s not the point here. I want to make this one better. (For science!)
  5. Steyr M9-A1 trigger job

    Well... I got it back together reasonably easily and it still works fine...
  6. Should a barrel nut on an AR ever be re-tightened?

    Huh! Cool, thanks. I hadn’t seen radial notches like that before. My AR with a free float tube looks almost mil-spec.
  7. Should a barrel nut on an AR ever be re-tightened?

    Huh? How do you tighten the barrel nut without some sort of notch? You still need a slot for the gas tube. Can you post a picture of a notch-less barrel nut?
  8. Ruger MKIII help needed

    I didn't say anything about *seated*, I said *inserting*. Like there's something about actually putting the magazine in that isn't working right. If so, that would support the "magazine disconnector" hypothesis.
  9. Ruger MKIII help needed

    Is it correct to say that the problem is related to / associated with *inserting* a magazine?
  10. Ruger MKIII help needed

    Does it take two trigger pulls only on a full mag, or does it also take two pulls if you remove and RE-insert a half empty mag?
  11. Glock 17/19 preban mag identification

    The one on the right might be a Beretta 92 mag
  12. Glock 17/19 preban mag identification

    Who makes them?
  13. Ruger 10/22 stock ideas.

    I love that the 10/22 can look like nearly anything, and is still the same gun.
  14. Garand Problem - Early Enbloc Partial Ejection

    True. But it's a free test to verify the problem. If it works, buy a new spring. If it doesn't, it didn't cost you anything.
  15. Garand Problem - Early Enbloc Partial Ejection

    Thank you! I typed that on my phone where it's troublesome to look up part names. :)
  16. Garand Problem - Early Enbloc Partial Ejection

    I had the same problem. There’s a button on the left side that when pressed will eject a non-empty clip. The spring under it was weak. I removed it, stretched it to increase its length, and therefore the force it applies, and the problem went away.
  17. Well I bought another HK.

    Try running s staple gun with just your trigger finger.
  18. Well I bought another HK.

    What does "short money" mean for a VP70 these days? I think I paid under $500 for mine, more than a decade ago.
  19. Well I bought another HK.

    I bought mine for two reasons: 1) It was used in the movie Aliens 2) I like dragging it out when someone says "blah blah blah Glock was the first polymer blah blah blah..." Man, is it a terrible gun though. The trigger is like a staple gun. I thought I'd try doing steel plates with it...
  20. Well I bought another HK.

    Am I the only one with a VP70? Its biggest positive feature is its 18 round magazines.
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