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  1. Living without a refrigerator

    Buy the small jars. They are enough for 4 servings.
  2. storing and transporting gasoline

    In hot weather, do you vent this tank frequently?
  3. storing and transporting gasoline

    What's the brand name and what does the pour spout look like?
  4. Gold and silver prices are down

    Here's some reading. Start at least a few months back.
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    I watched that show on TV. My recall is that Rick paid spot for those 3K Oz and spot at the time was a fair deal. It certainly was not $110.00
  6. Chickens 2023

    Many moons ago, next door neighbor was a butcher. On Sunday, he would bring home a dozen chickens and in the back yard, chop off their heads. Damn chickens would run around the yard headless until they dropped.
  7. Homesteading Skills

    Installing a couple 1000 Gal tanks requires no special permit? I would not want a couple 1K tanks in my yard unless they were buried. A 2K tank would most likely be underground. Special permit for what? Under ground tank or total gallonage?
  8. Homesteading Skills

    To be honest, if I had a property there, I would go with a tank that size as well. Remember, all that stuff has to come over on a boat. They don't pull LPG gas barges there. Grab a few bad weeks of weather and your small tank is empty and get in line for the new delivery.
  9. 60 Minutes had a piece on Preppers

    Sounds like Massachusetts property taxes.
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    sorry... "fomoists" are what please?
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    I have multiples at a time in the past but not today with the counterfeiters.
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    Well, I'll open my mouth once again. I've said that silver will hit $30 before it hits $17 and silver did a dead cat bounce off of $17 for one day and has been pretty straight up since then. I'm looking at $30+ and a cash out.
  13. Minotaur Trading Company Emergency Rations

    So, how's it taste?
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    The Saudi's tried that with silver with the Hunt brothers. If gold goes to $3600 the US will do something to counterbalance it. Maybe sell off a million ounces from Fort Knox and replenish our strategic oil reserves while paying down some national debt. (Nahhhh.. that won't happen)
  15. Gold and silver prices are down

    If they are selling into a rising price, then they are OK. It's the buy back in that costs.
  16. Gold and silver prices are down

    How is Argentina dealing with gold and silver as money?
  17. I had use the generator for the first time!

    Depending on the state, building codes can require a generator location 12' away from an operating window, due to CO possibilities.
  18. Gold and silver prices are down

    Sep 1, 2022 Sep 13, 2022 Here we are today over $22 an ounce. Maybe 30 in the next few months? I would be wrong once and right once. :p
  19. Gold and silver prices are down

    Way back when silver was 2x the price it is now, I had a friend that collected Xray photo's Silver nitrate and processed them for scrap silver. He did well but the price of silver was rising to $40.00 an ounce.
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