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  1. save your pennies Mass. hunters...

    Being an old phart, mine is free, except the permits. I have always gotten them all for me and the wife. We don't hit the woods much anymore but always felt my money went to a good cause. I aways get my son his for CHRISTMAS. The whole 9 yards. Looks like it'll be a doozie this year for 3 of us.
  2. Who hunts with crossbow in MA?

    What part of PERMANENT doen't you folks get????? I would give all I own to be able shoot a regular bow again. Un freaking real.........
  3. Who hunts with crossbow in MA?

    I've been using one for a few years. Taken a couple deer and assorted small game. Not a rifle for sure. If you can't miss a season don't whine about the law.
  4. Mass Bear Season 2020 Dates Confusion.

    Was out this AM. Mom with a youg one. Lowered the crossbow and told Mama she got lucky. She actually raised a paw like a thank you. Both were super healthy looking. Stash
  5. 2020 Antlerless Permits (MA)

    Better half and I scored zone 5----------- AGAIN. Must feel sorry for us old pharts. :) Stash
  6. Shotgun for coyote

    Walmart sells lead bbs. They are splatter on hard impact from a bb rifle. Not cheap but for just a few loads it wouldn't be tooooooooo bad. I'm going to make up some Speer shot capsules for my 357 ported snubbie... Stash
  7. Wild game butcher recommendations

    I used Adams in Orange/Athol a couple years back. Super job and reasonable as well. Stash
  8. Western MA meat processor

    I use Adams. Good job and not pricey....
  9. MA - Anterless Permits Deadline 7/16/19

    Third year in a row for zone 5. Hope third time is the charm :-)
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