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  1. Looking for new 9mm pistol product advise.

    Sig P229. If you run out of ammo you can beat the f***er to death with it. [thumbsup]
  2. Biden to Sign Expansive EO Today on Background Checks

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, but why would they? They've already changed their playbook as witnessed by J6. They'll let everyone do their thing with a few LEOs/Fedbois mixed into the crowd to stir the shitstorm to get great sound bytes with accompanying footage for the in their pockets...
  3. Deals and steals

    Shit my bad, you have to go through the Spyderco site to do it(so used to going straight through but found the deal on slickdeals). During the checkout you should get an box to click, it may take a few tries as it's trying to verify but it'll eventually work. OpFocus - Spyderco
  4. Knife 'STEELS'-N-DEALS thread!

    Brain farted earlier this morning and forgot there was a dedicated knife thread so I threw it up in the regular steals and deals thread. Here's something for the Spyderco fans, it'll be my first. [smile] Edit: Need to go through the Spyderco site.
  5. Deals and steals

    Spyderco knives 50% off through your account.
  6. G20 and .40 ammo, have you? Would you?

    Does this mean I can go and pick up that DW Kodiak and burn through the .40 I amassed when I first got my LTC during the Oblahblah administration when 9 was unobtanium? [party]
  7. What is one of your favorite absolute horrible trashy junk foods? Must be seriously unhealthy to qualify

    Shit's like crack, thankfully I almost never pass a BK but...
  8. So-called "Day of Hate", Feb. 25.

    Not a patch wearing type of person, but I'd wear the shit out of that.
  9. help me choose a full size & mostly metal range 9mm (MA)

    Yo @drgrant Bachants in Lakeville has a ppk. 😆
  10. help me choose a full size & mostly metal range 9mm (MA)

    Gotta say Frank, I kind of hate you(not really, just a smidge jealous). [laugh] The P210 Target is one of the few guns that if I walk into a LGS and it's in the case, I'll be leaving the store with it. Then it's off to the range to beat the shit out of it. [smile]
  11. help me choose a full size & mostly metal range 9mm (MA)

    I love my 226, but bang for the buck I'd go with the 92. Add a .22lr conversion kit on the cheap and you've got two goals covered. Plus the pre-ban 92 mags are a metric shit-ton cheaper than the 226 mags. No experience so far with the other choices.
  12. 2 Rhode Island school districts to have parents sign storage compliance letter

    The collective outcry to the districts that this is happening in should be, Sadly though most folks will suck for it so long as the bread and circus continues, like good little chattel do.
  13. The unofficial ultimate why is 40 S&W so hated MEGATHREAD!!!!

    Both my 1st and 2nd pistols were .40 because Obama, still have them both. Dropped a 9mm barrel into the compact carry one and haven't looked back. My stash of .40 will come in handy once the next shortage happens and I'll still be making range visits while others ration/overpay for their 9mm...
  14. “Suspicious Death” In Downtown MHT (with shots fired)

    QFTMFT! Awhile back I was working in Sandwich for a bit and one of my coworkers in her early 60s at the time has never been on this side of the bridges, not only that but neither has her husband. Married straight out of high school and their ENTIRE lives spent in either Sandwich, Hyannis, or...
  15. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    Problem is when I move it isn't going to be anywhere near the New England. The only thing keeping me here now is my 73yr old mother, once she's gone and all's settled I'm gone for good(I'll reluctantly come back for a day or two for folks IGAS about, a very short list, if I must).
  16. Deals and steals

    Irish Setters and Red Wings half a size up and EE, sneakers 4E. Not many companies making 4E sneakers. :(
  17. Littleton, MA Town meeting by law proposal.

    Christ, I'd be overjoyed if some of the f***tards here would start putting the state they lived in their classified ads.
  18. Deals and steals

    [rofl2] Monthly payments for a $50 knife.
  19. Trudeau, 3rd party will take guns.

    In the eyes of governments, contractors are easily replaceable with a far larger pool to draw from. That and I imagine they'd prefer to keep the "kings men" alive as much as possible.
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