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  1. !50th Birthday KARMA GIVEAWAY!

    Happy Birthday! In.
  2. MSNBC concealed carry poll

    46% yes out of 3280k votes
  3. Pistol Rack Karma

    In, please.
  4. Prayers needed

    you got it.
  5. A chicken sandwich worth fighting for

  6. Trying to Post...Look what populates.

  7. MAGA hat.

    It was funny when the box came to the house and it had a white house sticker on it, my wife said" OH GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO, THAT TRUMP IS SENDING YOU STUFF! I responded with "Its the dirt he has on Hillary. Hes sending it to me to keep it safe! She called me an "Idiot" and walked away.
  8. MAGA hat.

    i got mine from here. Hats, Caps & Umbrellas, 100% Made in the USA
  9. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

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