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  1. What bugs me about gun stores

    A couple weeks ago I was at M&R Guns n Swanton VT, and I had the exact opposite experience. It must take these guys FOREVER to close up because just about everything was out and touchable. (Some stuff was locked away, notably some gorgeous 1895 Winchesters) Rifles, shotguns, ammo and handguns...
  2. AG Andrea Joy Campbell Joins Coalition in Support of New York Law Banning Guns in Places of Worship

    100% agree. But I’ve seen several articles lately about random people getting passed off at a church for ( usually anti LGTB) harassment biblical stances that it pushes to its members. That’s what I was referring to.
  3. AG Andrea Joy Campbell Joins Coalition in Support of New York Law Banning Guns in Places of Worship

    The only thing my Pastor has ever said to me when he found out I carry during church service is "Thank you". No one likes it when a church pushes their values on its own members, why is it ok for the Gov to push its values on us? Screw, I'm Mandalorian - weapons are my religion.
  4. What's The Best Round For A White Rhino ???

    I just hope they don't do something stupid like give it a burial and ceremony and bullcrap as if its a person. I'd like to see it made into hamburger. With how thick the hides are, I'm wondering what could be done with the skin. Not to mention that the FWC could get a great funding boost if...
  5. Dark Humor Thread part 2.1

    My brain just went to an extremely dark place with this picture. Thank you.
  6. G20, G40?

    You didn't mention Hi Point. You need to get the Yeetier Cannon while you're deciding on what Glock to get.
  7. Recommend a trauma kit

    I keep a shovel and quicklime in my truck. I failed my first aid course.
  8. “Suspicious Death” In Downtown MHT (with shots fired)

    Honestly, I’m thinking church carry. As one of the ushers I’m part of the security. And a sap is one peg down from pistol, and less likely to harm elderly members than pepper spray indoors. And not as obtrusive as a Billy club. But yeah, usually I just carry a gun.
  9. What pathetic goals.

    No, no, no no no no no. I listen to everyone talk about how many different Gay Are 15s you need and I fully support you tactical tommys. You guys need to back me up on my choices, too. It's a two way street! Two single shots for strolling in the woods when you're hunting, but just seeking...
  10. What pathetic goals.

    UGH! What school for cross eyed, dim witted, half tards did this idiot graduate from? His story sounds like Ralphie's theme from a Christmas Story, I'm surprised it didn't end with "I do not think a football is a good Christmas gift". This article is the literary version of a fleshlight made...
  11. “Suspicious Death” In Downtown MHT (with shots fired)

    Sure, just as they are about to be legalized, some anti knuckle dude pulls a false flag like this. I had a set when I was in high school, and the one time I was going to use them, I discovered that when I made my hand into a fist in them, I couldn't get them out of my jean jacket pocket. I...
  12. S&W American Guardian program

    I'm guessing it means that "customer service" thanks you for your service after they tell you to screw when you call them.
  13. Israel to 'expedite' gun licenses after deadly shooting near Jerusalem synagogue

    I was going to say, despite all the pics we see of hot IDF chicks (not sure if there are any guys or ugly gals in the IDF, then again I don't really care) walking around with "empty" (I hear flush fit 5 round mags are popular) M-16s - isn't Israel kind of difficult to carry a firearm for a...
  14. The Honcho Tactical Triple-Barreled 12 Gauge by Charles Daly – SHOT Show 2019

    Where’s the stock? I like the rubber wood, but it needs a butt.
  15. Safe got soaked and destroyed a lot of ammo. How do I get rid of it?

    Instead of bringing it to the police, do some good with it and dump in front of schools so the kids can get a day off.
  16. Done.

    Is the Beretta really “Old School”? I remember when they were new. He’ll I remember seeing Army MPs wearing 1911s and .38s. Bah. This poll is like “would you prefer to use a cheese grater to make a fleshlight or dildo?” I guess I’d take the Beretta. But I’d rather have a choice of...
  17. More Glob frothing at the mouth.

    I thought someone renamed the "Liz Cheney Going Down" thread.
  18. Safe got soaked and destroyed a lot of ammo. How do I get rid of it?

    How long is a while? Might still be good. Would be "great" if it feeds but malfunctions 25% of the time. You can get some great malfunction practice in. I'd shoot it - but I don't usually follow safety guidelines.
  19. Something you never really expect to hear at the match - "Cease Fire"

    I would be more impressive with a revolver.
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