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  1. Firearms adjacent.

    thats very impressive. if i was tasked with creating a belt it would be made of twine
  2. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    so this guy wasnt carrying wolf ammo?
  3. AG Andrea Joy Campbell Joins Coalition in Support of New York Law Banning Guns in Places of Worship

    I dont see the church putting in metal detectors with their already declining numbers
  4. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    being in the can ages a man quickly brother
  5. Boston globe Mill article

    not with the law, with the NES fotay club
  6. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    he turned 25 in county [rofl] I'm more interested in the solicitation of murder charge, did he get busted by trying to recruit help from an undercover?
  7. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    I've seen this a few times lately, is there a definition of "high caliber"?
  8. Lighted nocks Mass

    none of my damn business, I'm not gonna rat anyone out. I just shake my head because of the amount of people that insist on cheating when it comes to hunting in a suburban area that already has a high deer population. Do you really need to have a feeder less than 100 yards behind your back door?
  9. Sightmark scopes (citadel)

    full choke 000 buckshot
  10. letter to my congressman and senators

    I find that its probably safer to be on a lot of lists than just 1 or 2, good to have friends in low places [rofl] Abbott or Desantis may actually respond to your letter even though you are not their constituent. Even better they may take you up on your invite
  11. US forces intercept thousands of assault rifles, ammo, anti-tank missiles from Iran: Arsenal, Cache, Collection, or Medley

    this is the equivalent of the standard photo showing a pile of bb guns and muzzleloaders at a gun buyback
  12. Olin Schwenger-Sartz, of Heath, to serve 5 years after firing guns at friends

    it all makes sense when you think about it that way but it still feels so backwards. I thought it was the strangest thing when I was out riding in western mass through wide open fields and there'd be obama billboards on the side of horse barns
  13. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    Ruling on the field is that this could have all been one post, could the score keeper please roll back roger smith's post count by 4 please?
  14. Lighted nocks Mass

    I only ever had to knock on one door to retrieve a deer, the woman who answered was less than thrilled but gave me the ok. I quickly realized why she was less than thrilled when I walked into what was clearly a shooting range behind the house that was way too close to the neighbors and the...
  15. SE Mass taxidermists?

    from what I've been hearing the price Im paying is definitely on the very low end of the scale, I was expecting the bill to be over 1000. If i shoot something larger or more interesting I'll definitely pay the price to have it mounted again, but I'm really hoping to get into some upland bird...
  16. Olin Schwenger-Sartz, of Heath, to serve 5 years after firing guns at friends

    Seems so strange to me that tiny little rural towns can be so blue
  17. Olin Schwenger-Sartz, of Heath, to serve 5 years after firing guns at friends

    It's where cold rain comes from, screw that place
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