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  1. Nashua nh area ranges HELP

    Alphabetical list here,
  2. WTB Converted M16

    Read it here,
  3. A little rant HANSON ROD AND GUN...made my kid cry

    Accept if they're 50BMG. They never had a rule against it, but I was laughed at after I was told at the rifle range we couldn't. But, then again, isn't this the club that spent all this $$$$$$ to "fix" the rifle range drainage and it still had puddles/ponds of water after a rain? I left there...

    HAH! $50/brick? I bought 19 bricks (500 rounds) in December and never paid more than $38/brick. And this was retail as none of my suppliers had any. Shop online for 22LR like I did and have it in a week. All of the 19 bricks I bought came from the mid-west.
  5. Comm2A Challenge coin

    Brent, Derek, Donna, Robert & Thomas. We received ours the other day! Thank you.
  6. Dropped my CCW in the toilet

    Epic. Hilarious. Went on for days. Has been revived occasionally.
  7. Acme.Armament

    Thanks for the nice words folks. Read in the picture below and know that we stayed open longer just to see if we could. Also stay tuned to our website for updates.
  8. Danville Voters Passed an Ordinance Banning Shooting on Town Property

    Article about restriction being put in place. Nothing in the Dispatch Logs yet. Last one was for 9/12.
  9. ATF May Soon Reclassify Some Machine Guns as “Post Sample” and Non-Transferrable

    No facts in that article. No cites in that article. Nothing more than fanning the flames of "They're gonna take our guns!" hysteria.
  10. Looking for a D.D. dealer in Mass - Yes, I know....

    [laugh2] It is. Remember, I'm 6'-4" tall. Later this year we will.
  11. Looking for a D.D. dealer in Mass - Yes, I know....

    Hmmm, something must have changed since I last did one there. Are you near Lakeville? I think Dennis Duphily is still active. It's a Solothrn S18-1000. [smile] Caliber : 20 x 138mmB
  12. Looking for a D.D. dealer in Mass - Yes, I know....

    jdigga221, You don't specifically need a 10 FFL & SOT dealer. Any 01 & 07 dealer w/SOT can do the transfer. Take the Solothurn S18-1000 we have. The transfer to a non-DD dealer will just take a bit longer. Pic for hv55maxx
  13. New Firearms License Application

    [rofl] Date of Birth____________________________ 3. What is your age? _____________________ [SMB] Glad we moved when we did.
  14. Input on Coyote Rifle Trust

    Their web page
  15. Input on Coyote Rifle Trust

    They are very good from the report of many of our customers. $95 and you have it in less than 48 hours. Easy form to fill out on their website and nice guys to deal with. Acme recommends them highly.
  16. Machine gun meet up

    Yes it should have "MA only" in the title. Because NH folks probably shouldn't bring their NFA Items to MA to shoot. [thinking]
  17. New Glock 17: Zev Technologies or Salient Arms?

    HSLD shit right here.
  18. New Glock 17: Zev Technologies or Salient Arms?

    OP. None of what you list will make you shoot better if you can't shoot well with a stock Glock. Competitors are the ones who truly benefit from customization. PMC's get deployed and are issued firearm/s and do well with them. ^ Think about that comparison.
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