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  1. Who’s canning ?

    Did they smell bad?
  2. Deals and steals

    S&W wouldn't take my order to an out of state address using my card.
  3. Who wants a 500 S&W Lever Action Carbine?

    But they are ugly
  4. Hand Loading Kit?

    I used to load 300 win mag w/ Lee loader back in the 70's. You won't set any speed records but it will get the job done and save a few bucks. Buy in is a bit more today.
  5. Who’s canning ?

    How old are they? Was the top of the meat covered by liquid? How did they smell? Tell us more please.
  6. Prep of The Day Thread

    Device, not material? When I got to Anchorage in 1977 @ Elmendorf AFB there were several classes for new people about Alaska and the challenges of staying alive in the cold. One of the things that were readily available up there but I have never scene since were light anywhere matches. They were...
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    Read the fine print, NO bullion. I would think scrap might be called bullion to limit payouts. Some of the gold beats aa Apmex website price by $20 or so.
  8. Tinnitus

    It's never too late
  9. Gold and silver prices are down

    8% Ebay bucks
  10. Are folks hunting MA in Zone 10 (Shotgun & Muzzleloader)?

    My mother lives in 10 and the deer eat everything in her yard. She had 9 at once one day we counted.
  11. Tinnitus

    The disability payment from the Va has nothing to do with what your pay grade was. There is a table that is periodically updated with rates from 10% to 100%, same rate for an E1 or an O9.
  12. Prep of The Day Thread

    Looks like they may outlast the boots
  13. Gold and silver prices are down

    And, it's gone.
  14. South Carolina Gun Shop Owner Fatally Shot Worker In Prank Gone Wrong

    And the weight was similar as well.
  15. Political texts

    I got a text yesterday as follows: "Hi Daniel, This is Patricia with Working Families Party. We need Senate Dems to make sure Build Back Better gets to the finish line this month! We're asking voters in your state to email your senators and send this message: Pass the FULL Build Back Better...
  16. Prep of The Day Thread

    There still going to nest in the wood pile. I have them run all over when I move the pile from under the lean-to out back to the wood shed at the back door, one tried to run up my arm. Nice cover
  17. Can i hunt deer in MA with a pistolgrip shotgun?

    Bayonets are NOT allowed
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