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  1. SOLD Deleted

    Looking to sell one lightly carried ZT Knives. Blade edges are factory, not used. Can meet close to Foxboro, or ship. ZT 0450CF - $160 shipped ZT 0022 - $160 shipped
  2. Your New Knife!

    Does anyone have an Emerson el Bandito they would want to trade for the following pair of ZT’s?
  3. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    Thanks, it’s a great knife. I thought it would be too big but it’s been my edc knife for the past year. The wallet is a hellbent 3.0. Has a titanium money clip that I didn’t picture. Wallets Archives
  4. EDC! Show Us Yours!

  5. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    I am passing my torch of gatekeeper of the thread to Bender. Long live the gatekeeper!
  6. In

  7. Anyone Identify this 10/22 Stock I got in a mailer

    Here you go: Furiosa Chassis
  8. Glock 21 or 1911 - which one should I buy?

    Damn this thread has me wanting a Glock 21. I have a Springfield Operator 1911 already so I’m good in that department.
  9. Your New Knife! That was a little fun scavenger hunt for me. It is a AmtacBlades “Northman”
  10. Excruciathlon VI 2017 Photos

    Just went back and watched my GoPro from these events. Good times.
  11. WTS $150 Kids Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Purple

    New in box condition. Perfect for a child or NES member ( up to 170 lbs) wanting to save on gas…I can send picture of actual box if needed. Price: $150. Located in Foxboro. The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter is ideal for any stylish kid with a sharp eye for fashion and a passion for fun...
  12. Your New Knife!

    Another ZT added to the collection.
  13. Bravo Company BCGs

    BCM makes great products. I have a few, no complaints here.
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