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  1. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Negative feedback sounds an awful lot like pitching a temper tantrum because you didn't get the deal you wanted.
  2. bug out bag contents advice needed

    Classic prepping mistake - building a bag without a plan. You're putting the cart before the horse. Take a step back and write a bug out plan first. What threats are you likely to face? How would you respond to those threats? What tools and supplies do you need to execute that response...
  3. Tried rejoining Holbrook Gun Club

    I missed a year at Westford, and they wanted me to pay the initiation fee and go through the full initiation process all over again. I decided to go elsewhere instead.
  4. Help, anyone in brockton?

    Was an arrest warrant issued?
  5. Help, anyone in brockton?

    Text messages are all well and good, but you'd think that the police would, I don't know, arrest the guy and ask him where the car is.
  6. Benchmade knives

    Yes they will, so long as it's a genuine Benchmade knife. I just sent a Benchmade knife I bought from Amazon back to Benchmade for warranty repairs. Benchmade will honor the warranty, but they make you sign a sheet that basically says you're aware there are counterfeit knives out there, and...
  7. Help me choose a multitool

    Leatherman Charge TTi. Features a s30v main blade, very high quality steel, non serrated (half serrated blades are a waste of blade, IMHO). Also has a 420HC fully serrated blade, if you feel you need serrations. Comes with 2 bit drivers (large and small), which I find very useful. It's a...
  8. Long Gun Safe

    You can insulate the safe (just get few sheets of thin insulation from Home Depot), then install a dehumidifier (GoldenRod or similar). Shouldn't be a problem. Just check your guns periodically, and wipe them down with a thin layer of oil if they're going to sit there for a while.
  9. Zombies attack right now

    Half case of Champagne, and I'll be styling while I do it. Let's hope there aren't more than six zombies.
  10. Family problems with guns

    Hard to believe your family is as tight as you claim, if they're going to kick you out and "make you homeless" because you own a gun. But as they say, "My roof, my rules." Perhaps it's time to man up and get your own place...
  11. Is this 29 round Glock mag pre-ban and legal?

    There is no way to tell for sure, or prove definitively one way or another. But logically it would appear to be post ban...
  12. Gen 4 Glocks in Ma?

    Out the gun shop for being a douche
  13. S&W sales plummet

  14. HELP! Nowhere to shoot my M16 in MA

    I think OP doesn't like kids. Or maybe kids don't like him. I can't quite tell. - - - Updated - - - But yeah, Harvard Sportsmens Club has two dedicated ranges for full auto - one for rifle, one for carbine.
  15. Can't hit anything with my G17. Should I modify it?

    It amazes me that so many gun owners are willing to dump money into their guns in hopes that it'll make them shoot better, but pucker up tighter than a nun's ******* when you suggest they take a class or get some formal training.
  16. More LTC interview questions ...

    Interviews aren't even standard within the same town/police department, and could very well vary based on who you are, who is interviewing you (likely the licensing offer, not the CoP), and how much time they're willing to put into your interview. My last renewal interview took all of 90...
  17. Ohio: Man holding Crosman air rifle in Wal*Mart shot & killed by police

    I read this earlier. There has got to be more to it - it's so ridiculous, it almost sounds like an Onion article.
  18. Are Appleseeds Dead?

    Having spent a good deal of time at Appleseeds, I have to disagree with your assessment of a natural progression. Not everyone wants to get into serious competition. Not everyone wants to buy specialized equipment, or learn extensive rules, or do all the things that one does when they get into...
  19. Are Appleseeds Dead?

    The problem is we're comparing Appleseeds to Oranges. Appleseed is fundamentally structured as a educational organization. It's there to teach riflemanship, especially for new or amateur shooters. Its downside is that it only has one grade level - you go from cook to rifleman, and that's it...
  20. Are Appleseeds Dead?

    Unfortunately CMP and NRA doesn't have the same draw among new or casual shooters that Appleseed does. Two very, very different cultures. I'm not sure that Appleseeders who aren't interested in becoming 'serious' competitors would do well at CMP or NRA events.
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