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  1. 3D printing

    I suck at soldering but I managed to get an ADXL345 soldered up to a raspberry pi pico via some ethernet cable. My y freq was close to print and measure (35.4 vs 38.0). The x freq was much higher (99.0 vs 37.0) Next is to tune pressure advance.
  2. 3D printing

    I played a bit with input shaper and pressure advance over the weekend. Even with the print and measure approach the results are impressive. ADXL345's and pico should arrive tomorrow. The Libre LePotato looks like a nice option with the raspi availability issues. I may pick up to play...
  3. Living without a refrigerator

  4. 3D printing

    Thanks. I bought the exact one from Amazon that you linked to a few pages back. I read about issues the wifi and not keeping an address so I've been using it with ethernet (printer is located closer to switch). I found a youtube video ( View: ) and...
  5. 3D printing

    paul73 I've been lurking in this thread for a while. I ordered the T95 box you recommended previously. Are you running it off the internal drive or an SD card? I could never get it to install to the internal drive so I'm running it off an SD card. Does yours backpower your...
  6. 3D printing

    Finally getting back into this... I bought an Ender 3 Pro at the beginning of Covid. I printed a bunch of stuff then got busy. Over the holiday I went back to finish the bullet feeder I started back then. I've been catching up with everything that has changed in the last 2.5 years. I just...
  7. 2023 Harvard steel dates

  8. Dream gun

    Are you building a "Limited Optics" gun? Are we getting yet another division?
  9. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Processed (decapped and U-sized) some 40 brass this weekend. I broke the index return spring on my 650. Dillon put one in the mail after filling out the service web form. I was able to find a very close match at Ace Hardware to keep going until hit arrives. I need to dust off the Case Pro...
  10. Harvard steel match - tips for first timer?

    Lot's of good advice. I'll add four things. 180: keep the muzzle pointed down range, especially when taking the gun out of the case and reloading between strings. finger: keep your finger off the trigger and up along the slide when you're not engaging targets magazines: If you don't have...
  11. Moon clips...

    Dude, 8-shot minor USPSA. There's at least 2 or 3 people that shoot it. There used to be 4 but I stopped shooting it. [rofl][laugh2]
  12. Moon clips...

    The brass specific moon clip is true for 38/357 brass. 45 isn't nearly as brass sensitive. I'm not sure about 9mm or 38 super. @10mmdave could answer that. revolver supply offers stamped moonclips that are more affordable that the wire EDM TK custom/hearthco. I run the 0.025" resolver...
  13. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    That's my go to pocket carry. I took in partial trader for an IC-706 from cpher
  14. 2022 Harvard steel dates

    I just approved you. We open the monthly Steel Challenge registration ~2-3 weeks before the match. They are posted on HSC Steel Challenge | PractiScore The falling steel will be ~25-30 falling plates per stage with 6 stages. If you miss a lot it could be an expensive and...
  15. IDPA 2022 Rule changes

    That's the way it used to be. I gave up in 2012 though.
  16. IDPA 2022 Rule changes

    Did they release this too early? It's not April 1st yet. Reloading Rules • During reloads, ammunition feeding devices • With rounds must be retained • Without rounds do not need to be retained • Stowage • Spare or partial feeding devices are considered stowed when placed in a...
  17. IDPA Qualifier

    You need to be a member, but don't have to be classified. That's an IDPA thing. I shot my first A7 at Harvard unclassified. The hard part is to get registered before it fills or we crash practiscore.
  18. Nighthawk Customs 1911 Build - 10mm or 45acp?

    Small primer 45 has been a thing for a while, and recently small primer 10mm is a thing. You're going to be sorting brass in either caliber.
  19. S&W Introduces the new SHIELD EZ 30 SUPER CARRY in the new 30 SUPER CARRY Caliber

    Atlas? Is it just their 9mm open guns or the 38 super* as well? Is this what Lee was referring to at the open meeting at Nationals?
  20. Crushed By The Mental Breakdown

    I shot my personal best (290 7x) when I was so pissed off that I didn't care about the match that night. For me it was always mental. I shot for 10 or 11 years and got burned out. I hope to get back to it someday.
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