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  1. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

  2. Gun ban fires up lawmakers on House committee, Dem demands show of hands on who's not packing

    Dems can't demand ANYTHING in any house committees. They can ask politely though.
  3. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    I"d nail her and AOC. They both have that crazy hotness going. And they are both dumb as stumps.
  4. Lauren Boebert goes off on ATF

    She's total scum. She just happens to be right here.
  5. Home FFL In Massachusetts

    Maura, is that you?? Andrea??
  6. Any recent purchases of the bushnell trs-25? Problems?

    Your eyes may be insensitive to red light. Our eyes lose sensitivity to red light as we get older. I've got a couple of the Bushnell's and have been generally happy. Though I've recently purchased a different low cost dot optic. The SIG SAUER Romeo MSR dot sight is only $78 from amazon and...
  7. Would a 10mm Magnum revolver interest you?

    I had a 4" 610 with an unfitted cylinder. Apparently it's a big deal these days. Sigh. I sold it for $600. Idiot.
  8. Home FFL In Massachusetts

    The ATF cares only about 2 things when it comes to issuing an FFL out of your home. 1) Do you intend to engage in commerce in firearms. That is easy to show since there are FFLs who sell 1000+ guns per year out of their home on sites like 2) Are you in compliance with town zoning...
  9. Guns that never should have been discontinued

    Smith and Wesson PC5906. It was the hot setup for IDPA for years and it was gorgeous. I slummed it in that era with a G34.
  10. White Fort Worth police officer shoots and kills 28-year-old black woman in her home

    Yes. Except he shouldn't have been there. She had every right to be where she was.
  11. White Fort Worth police officer shoots and kills 28-year-old black woman in her home

    None of that changes the fact that your statement that, what the shooter was thinking, was what was important. The facts relating to the trial make his thinking more reasonable. Which changes things. But the legal standard is what a reasonable person would be thinking. It further...
  12. How will the impending ATF Brace regulations effect 'other firearms?

    the original CT "firearms" didn't even have a brace. Just some foam over the buffer tube. So zero impact. Two completely different issues. Look at my first post in this thread, from 2017. Braces weren't a thing yet. This is an early "firearm"...
  13. HUGE loop hole in CT AWB. People are buying them now.

    There's no need to obfuscate. Its Hoffman's Scott Hoffman has been openly thumbing his nose at the state for years, all while being scrupulously careful to be in strict compliance with the actual law. Scott was the first one to start selling AKs in calibers other than 7.62x39 when case law...
  14. HUGE loop hole in CT AWB. People are buying them now.

    True. And since I wrote this 5 years ago, the Bruen case has made things much better for MA people. CT has always unofficially been a SHALL issue state. No restrictions. Some towns slow walk the applications, but they do that to everyone. The only thing CT really has over MA now is that...
  15. HUGE loop hole in CT AWB. People are buying them now.

    Yes. Every firearm needs to be looked at from a federal and a state perspective. A firearm could be one thing per the feds and another thing per the state of CT. For example a SBR is a rifle per the feds. But CT defines anything with a barrel less than 12 inches as a handgun. So a 10.5"...
  16. White Fort Worth police officer shoots and kills 28-year-old black woman in her home

    You are absolutely wrong. The legal standard is what a REASONABLE PERSON would be thinking. A reasonable person would have rung the doorbell and announced POLICE. She would have stopped playing video games, gone to the door and the night would have ended without incident. You don't go...
  17. Non-resident coming to CT for a class

    Never believe what the cops tell you. They typically know less about CT firearms laws than most of us. I am friends with a couple of CT cops and they will sometimes call me for a citation. With that said, speaking to a cop can sometimes be useful if only because it gives you the ability to...
  18. Non-resident coming to CT for a class

    CT laws are nowhere near as confusing as MA laws. You are just more familiar with them. CT laws actually tend to be pretty clear if you bother to read them. This compares pretty well with MA laws where the laws tend to reference other laws very often so unless you want to flip around reading...
  19. Thinking about RMR cut for G-17

    Re Holosun and China. I was under the impression that Holosun was an American brand that manufactured their stuff in China but did development work in the US. (Like Apple) Am I wrong?
  20. Dillon 650 vs 750

    The 650 and 750 have a lot of things that can get out of synch. One thing that I did to help with primer feeding was tape a 9mm bullet to the top of the primer feed follower rod. That slight bit of weight helps to keep primer feeding reliable if the feed tube gets a little scuzzy. Otherwise...
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