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  1. i've been trying appendix carry for a few weeks...

    It seems from what I’ve read the holster can make all the difference too. I’m about to try it out myself with a holster from a vendor I’ve bought from before. With my new EDC that is a bit smaller than what I used to carry.
  2. WTT Screws for Red Dot

    Probably a trivial thing to trade but since I couldn't find what I needed locally I figured I'd post this. I recently received a screw kit from Sig as I needed some M3 screws to mount my Sig Romeo. It included an additional three packs of M4 screws. I'd love to trade for more of the M3 screws...
  3. Ballistol

    Ballistol is the Arko of the gun world. No one likes the smell but it just works really good.
  4. Credit cards restricting firearms purchases

    Bought airfare on Tuesday and the transaction was flagged. Had to approve it. Bought a firearm last night no problem at all...
  5. .223/5.56 Availability?

    Winchester has a rebate program as well till Dec 4th...
  6. Appleseed Event @Pelham Fish & Game September 17 & 18, 2022

    I've signed up for the Mansfield, MA event on 9/24 & 9/25 "think" I have everything I need.
  7. Armed Guards at Registry!

    Last time I went I was darn near knocked over by the stench of weed on several of the other patrons. Couldn't believe it... Newbie question: Can you carry at the RMV? I don't see it listed as a place where you can't.
  8. NRA Basic Pistol for CT non res permit

    Took the MFS class last year and had no issues or delays other than what was expected. I sent in three money orders and mailed it myself. I think it took 30-60 days which at the time was normal for CT. Not sure what the normal delays are today though.

    Bump, still got them.
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