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  1. WTS Pre-ban Colt AR15

    Sporter Target Model, serial #0022xx Very/most excellent condition. No sear block, all original except Ergo Grip and Magpul fore end. Rifle will come with an Eagle Industries Discrete Carry Bag in OD. Pictured 20 round mag and a Magpul AFG are included. Happy to swap the 20 for pre ban 30...
  2. You Could Say I Am a Sniper Now ...

    .30 holes leave no souls😎 Just saying….
  3. WTS Weber kettle grill

    The cubic foot clean out continues. I think it’s 22 inch diameter. VGC. $40 picked up in Henniker, NH. Or trade for 4 boxes of quality 9mm ball ammunition. Thanks!
  4. WTS Summer is around the corner! Croquet Set

    Family fun this summer! $40 in Henniker, NH or where convenient. Happy to trade for 3 boxes of quality 9mm ball ammunition.
  5. WTS Marmot shell, Men’s size large

    Men’s large Marmot shell. Awesome coat that I got when I weighed 200#s. It barely fit then. Figure perfect fit if you’re @6 ft tall and weigh 185-195 with athletic build. Will not support a beer belly. This is a skiing shell. Has snow skirt, pit zips and zip on hood. Not goretex. Asking...
  6. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    You can only manage your own actions. Don’t waste time worrying about what others might do. nH on its worst day is light years better than MA, NY, NJ, CT, RI.
  7. What did I pay back then?

    I bought cases of federal 550 or 525 bulk packs at Walmart for $99.50 Snagged a case of 325 round auto match for $179 just after Sandy Hook price madness. Still have some left😎
  8. FFL Transfer Fees

    Seriously. The price deltas between shops in free vs less than free stars is crazy. I lived in Wisconsin just north of Illinois border and Pennsylvania just north of Maryland. The shops in IL and MD priced treated their license like it was a platinum gift from God and they were doing you a...
  9. FFL Transfer Fees

    I’m pretty sure Northeast Munitions in Merrimack (the real one, in NH) still does free transfers. Sellers and buyers should be polite and buy something.
  10. Illinois crazy law

    So happy I escaped Illinois! Corrupt and cynical cesspool of a state.
  11. Virginia police say 6-year-old student shot teacher at Newport News elementary school

    I went to Richneck Elementary for first and second grades. Yikes. My dad worked for NASA at Langley AFB.
  12. What's worse

    False or bad choices. Move to NH. Quick, cheap and simple application. Good to go in about a week.
  13. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    I’m a NH resident. If I want to sell a pre-94 ban Colt AR15 to a MA resident, are there any MA laws that prohibit the transaction? The transfer would have to go through a MA based FFL. thanks!
  14. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    Simple solution- Move north
  15. WTS Pile of Remington 870 parts and accessories

    Clean my bench and clutter yours! Fulfill your 870 puttering dreams! Take off parts are all from 12 gauge Wingmasters. Everything in very good-excellent-new condition. Camo Speedfeed stock was originally black and has some cosmetic wear/paint chipping. quantity item price 1 SpeedFeed...
  16. WTS AR15 accessories and tools

    Clean my bench and clutter yours! Going through boxes of stuff I'll probably not need anymore. Below are some extra parts/accessories for poodle shooter fans- Quantity Item price Delta ring assembly $5 Front sight, gas tube, sling assmbly $40 2 handguard cap $2 trigger...
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