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  1. Gold and silver prices are down

    I feel like I have the best chance of getting decent deals in these Stack's auctions. Below is the weekly precious metals auction for the week.
  2. Gold and silver prices are down

    When faced with this question, buy now or buy later, I generally dollar cost average in. I don't want to have bought nothing if the prices rises dramatically but I also don't want to have spent everything if the price drops dramatically.
  3. Gold and silver prices are down

    TBH It's when prices go up dramatically that I get nervous - How many more nice coins will I be able to obtain before they get too expensive? When prices come down like this, I take some time to review what auctions are upcoming.
  4. What % actually know?

    My dad has a 10/22 and every decade, when he takes it to shoot it, it takes him about 10 minutes to remember how to make it fire [laugh] I cannot convince him to join the gun club and practice.
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    The market looks really weird to me. Everything is in place for PMs to shine - inflation, negative real interest rates, central bank purchases, expanding wars, etc. But investors want to continue to buy risk on (even fanciful) assets. Very strange. I expect a dramatic reversal at some point...
  6. Gold and silver prices are down

    Pretty sure it's the same $1,000 rule - Numismatic coins over $1,000 are tax free but under $1,000 are taxed. I have heard of instances at shows and coin stores where proprietors may have forgotten to collect taxes in cash and carry transactions.
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    Regarding the Kentucky taxes - what about numismatic coins? These coins were in a numismatic auction. Stacks also has seperate bullion auctions. I wonder if there are certain gold coins you can buy in Kentucky that have high gold bullion value but skirt past the PM tax?
  8. Gold and silver prices are down

    I was excited to win these in the last Stacks and Bowers world coin auction. These are larger coins with over 1.2 ounces of gold each. Cost me $2,400 each including BP which is pretty close to melt. They cost much more elsewhere (the 1929 in MS63 is currently listed for $3,195 on apmex). My...
  9. Marlboro Jan 28 & 29- 500 TABLES!

    The last time I went to one of the Mass gun shows I walked the floor, saw that everything was overpriced and available at my local gun shop, left the show, and went to my local gun shop instead [laugh]
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    Thus far 2023 has been a really good year for gold. No huge days but most days up a few dollars starting to really add up. We’re not terribly far from all time highs.
  11. Trade in value info You'll leave some money on the table selling this way but it is faster/more efficient
  12. Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

    A sniperish rifle I can shoot with my daughter. Something longer range but not a thumper. Maybe Winchester 70 in 243?
  13. Mailing firearm to the manufacturer?

    Crazier still - they can mail it directly back to you!
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    What's catching my attention is the gold is remaining strong in the face of a declining market i.e. the margin calls don't appear to be having the negative effect I anticipated. Maybe we are getting closer to a breakout???
  15. Gold and silver prices are down

    Sentiment has also grown more positive over the last several months
  16. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    Why do they even care how many guns someone owns in their lifetime? What difference would it make to public safety?
  17. Gold and silver prices are down

    I have little doubt that the breakout is coming, I'm just skeptical that it's so soon. I think we see a larger selloff in the stock market and crypto dragging PMs down before the breakout.
  18. Gold and silver prices are down

    I’m not sold on the gold breakout. Bitcoin at 19k indicates a lot of selling left.
  19. 10mm or 45 ACP

    45 ACP 1) It's ubiquitous 2) It's affordable 3) It's enough gun for all but negligible probability situations 4) It's easier to keep on target
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