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  1. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    nope...same ID#
  2. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    This x 100 to the 10th power
  3. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    Yah… already did it in about 10 minutes of excelkungfu…. Also found the other transfers done by secondary and tertiary IDs to those primary with me. What’s the cliche???? “It ain’t rocket science “🤬
  4. Rumor or Inevitable? Healey Executive Order to eliminate the sale/transfer of AR Lowers.

    I'd like to tell her to EABOD's...But with her predilections that would just be a pointless exercise in futility and the obvious end result....:(
  5. Not guilty

    Best NES post of 2022…
  6. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Seems like it did not take long....but I am not up on usual timelines for this stuff...
  7. Six Flags Great America shooting: 3 injured in parking lot of Illinois amusement park

    Somewhat related...Looks like this is just everyday behavior at the place.... Though it will probably take years to cull out the riff raff on just price hikes alone...If at all... Last time I went to a Six Flags was in Agawam about 2001 while home on leave with my teenage kids ...Was already...
  8. Atlanta Subway Worker Shot Dead For Putting Too Much Mayo On Sandwich

    For those of us who did the whole "stationed in Germany" thing...Pommes mit mayo is the reality. Tour # 1 and tour # 2 I was like "Nah"..."Sounds nasty. I'll pass..." But at Tour #3 I tried it while in Bosnia in '97....Was pretty friggen good and it became my daily lite lunch for about 4...
  9. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Thx allen-1... I do not recall ever getting a renewal letter as is mentioned. yesterday I did sign up for a "get your CT LTC class happening in a few weeks here in MA. Provides the pictures, forms, prints etc. So either way I should be all set.. Thx again!
  10. How backed up is CT for renewals?

    Dumb question from a dumbass who missed his renewal date. Got a Non-res permit and time flew by...Missed renewal... (Expired 2/14....Yah I know. Flame me later) Question is do I have to do the whole enchilada again? I assume I know the answer but thought one of the CT SME's could save me some...
  11. Seattle police gun down man who fatally stabbed police dog, injured cop

    I'll see your machete and raise you 2 nuts...
  12. Seattle police gun down man who fatally stabbed police dog, injured cop

    Seattle?? Cops shoot "someone"... Q the "Peaceful protests" in 3,2,1,....
  13. Rep. Crenshaw Takes Aim At Gun Owners Of America

    Definitely devolved to the middle school to jr high level for supposed professionals... BTW---While Crenshaw is at it, he should make sure not to forget to send the important note to the DC Cocktail party organizers when the teacher (his constituents) turns their back... Do you like me...
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