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  1. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Finally received my renewal on 8/13.. Only took 5 months.
  2. renewal

    Called again today and PYM PD finally submitted it on July 11th.
  3. renewal

    I tried to renew a few months early, but was told I couldn't until a month out. March 20th was when I submitted my renewal and I'm still waiting for mine. I've called several times and was told that they are still awaiting the information from my local PD.
  4. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Still waiting for my renewal in Plymouth..July 14th will be 120 days
  5. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    It's been 90 days and still haven't received my renewal. I also called and was told they are still waiting for PYM to process it.
  6. newbee KC1JVD

    I tried a few days when I got mine, wasn't to make contact or hear a thing. The only time I heard chatter was when I was working at KBED and that was at 0130 in the morning. Not sure you are closer to the Plymouth, it has a repeater 146.685 / Input: 146.085 / CTCSS PL: 82.5 Massachusetts...
  7. newbee KC1JVD

    Got mine (KC1CQM) 4 years ago and still haven't used it. Forgot most of the stuff. I even have the Boafang tweaked it to get more freqs. When I first when for it I was told the Technician is what I should get, but I really should have went for the General.
  8. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Plymouth Interview/Renewal Paperwork drop off with check: March 14, 2018 Received: Still waiting
  9. Two of my favorite Germans - TX move!

    I remember when Shiner was considered cheap like Lone Star. You only could get it in Texas, but now you can get it pretty much throughout the US.
  10. Two of my favorite Germans - TX move!

    I've lived in Lewisville, Grapevine, Austin, San Antonio, Uvalde, Odessa, and New Braunfels. My wife is a Texan, my oldest was born a Texas and now going to A&M. I enjoyed Texas for the most part, but New England/North East much better in my opinion. Would I move back to Texas? Yes I would...
  11. Plymouth Rod & Gun, Plymouth, Ma

  12. Polymer Lowers, Good Or Bad?

    I got my poly from Palmetto State last February. They shipped it to me without issues. They called me and asked me for my FFL information gave it to them and it was shipped. I personally think some of these (in general) breaks are from over torquing (not the proper torque) the buffer tube...
  13. Polymer Lowers, Good Or Bad?

    No issue with mine as of yet. I only have about 150 rounds through it though.
  14. I really like this gun case, but a little on the pricey side.
  15. "Local moms band together to fight for gun controls" What a joke.

    They are just trying to push the blame onto something else instead of the parents.. or the owner of the gun.
  16. Active shooter at Maryland mall

    Clear this up for me please. You are saying people who took shelter from gun fire are sheep? How does that work out for our military personal under fire?
  17. How do you react when you get robbed?

    Where do you live?
  18. Active shooter at Maryland mall

    People can't handle winters anymore going stir crazy.. Seem like these incidents are rising and the anti's are loving it.
  19. She hot but shes not THAT hot!

    So much for my future ex-wife.
  20. Carry at Home.

    I don't carry at home because the odds are in my favor. I don't want to hear about "what if's". This world is full of what if's. What if I would have match six numbers instead of just the power ball on 12/31/2013. If I did win it would be more toys for me. I'm not saying things couldn't...
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