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  1. Grateful...TET plus 5.5 decades

    Semper Fi Rat 187
  2. Kids of yesteryear had the best toys!

    My Fanner 50 for the win
  3. 55 years ago today.....

    So that's what made you so grumpy! NES has been wondering.
  4. Magazine-Fed Semi-Automatic Assault Pistol (Monterey Park Shooting)

    Shit happens ! I'm pretty sure that must be where the term " point blank distance " came from.
  5. Magazine-Fed Semi-Automatic Assault Pistol (Monterey Park Shooting)

    You can attach a bayonet to your AR today
  6. TWELVE Shots from a .45 and still keeps coming

    Forward momentum is what I saw, but thats guys dead.
  7. Veterans Day 2022

    Lima beans add new meaning to the phrase go green.
  8. Veterans Day 2022

    That shits nasty
  9. Veterans Day 2022

    Ah, the P38. I still have my last one from Nam, hanging on my dog tag chain.
  10. Veterans Day 2022

    He'd better hope that Skysoldier doesn't see his post.
  11. Veterans Day 2022

    C ration, peaches and pound cake were ok, but the ham and mutha's were nasty.
  12. Veterans Day 2022

    Holy crap. How did you know? 2nd Batallion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. Second to none. The Magnificent Bastards.
  13. Would like some pros & cons New Remington 1100 Autoloader Sporting Shotgun, 28 gauge

    I've hunted bunnies with both a 28 gauge and a 410 gadge. The 28 is awesome but then again so is the 410. In these times I'd probably opt for a 410 just because of ammo availability. I had a Remington 11- 87, 28 gauge and it was nice but I love my old 28 gage double for bunnies.
  14. Seeking .45-70 Government

    Do you reload?
  15. Favorite Military "sayings"

  16. Favorite Military "sayings"

    Get your head and ass wired together 10 days and a wake up Mauw fukay Ham and muthas Shit on a shingle Numba one Numba ten Dede mouw Beau coup dinky dow
  17. What's a good caliber for bear?

    Given a choice, I prefer not to have a bear charging me.
  18. What's a good caliber for bear?

    Lol.. Good luck with that. I have some Garrett's as well, but Im not in a hurry to go after a Kodiac with them.
  19. What's a good caliber for bear?

    If you're going to use a 44 magnum on brown bears, you'd better be really good at head shots.
  20. For all you caregivers out helps on the way...😂

    Just say shhhsh and its all better.lmao
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