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    Ok, thanks :)

    Ok, thanks :)
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    Question, Are you from NH? (Nashua here) Where do you buy gold and silver from? I have started...

    Question, Are you from NH? (Nashua here) Where do you buy gold and silver from? I have started to move osme of my allocations in physical metal but the places around I find charge a serious premium over spot. Thanks
  3. Recommendations Hiking Pistol

    Just my 2 cents... I grew up in the Maine woods... My closest neighbor was a mile away. I would hike for miles to hunt and fish. I was taught to be afraid of only one thing, a bear cub. If I saw one, just back away. The closest bad encounter I have had was while hunting partridge, I came...
  4. No Guns for Negroes

    Very well done!
  5. For those of you heading to Concord NH gun show, ctxt

    Any ammo available? Mags?
  6. Southern/ South central NH members... how many of us are there here?

    Nashua Here... Grew up way out in the back country of Maine (yeh, it was back country even for Maine) I've been to MFL often during the weekday afternoons, very few people. I wish I had a pit or safe open field to go shooting; I miss that living down here in the city. Oh well, it is where...
  7. Sig mag pre ban question

    First off, Thank you Lynne for moving the topic into the correct section. They have a parkerize type of finish. Three are marked Sig Sauer in original plastic mags "made in germany" and another is marked Sig Sauer 229. I already searched through sigforum but found nothing that I could use...
  8. Sig mag pre ban question

    Thankfully I dont live in MA so its not a direct concern for me but I am considering selling two 13 round sig 228/229 mags. How can I tell if they are preban or not? Is there any easy way to identify them like with the glock mags? Thanks folks!
  9. AK Builds

    Anyone build thier own AK from a flat? There appear to be quiet a few cheap kits available. Did you build your own jig? Where did you get it heat treated? Thanks!
  10. Help with storage calculations

    Having a good food supply is probably one of the smartest things anyone can do for being prepared. Well, food and water... How much you store is up to you. Here are some longish/easy to store items that are fairly inexpensive with their pound to serving ratios. 1lb noodles ~ 8 servings 1lb...
  11. Manchester Gun Show this Weekend

    I ended up going Sat morning with my son. The line was *long* but moved very fast. Six dollars for me and my son was free because he is only six. We both had a wonderful time.
  12. Manchester Gun Show this Weekend

    Ill be there, I think, I hope, *checks calendar*, *check sticky notes*, *checks floor for stinky notes*, Ok, I still have to check with my wife... I -might- be there... NoOne1
  13. Manchester Firing Line

    I have been to the MFL several times, with my boss who is a member, and I would like to give the place a thumbs up, the people who work there are professional, courteous and friendly. As to the availability of firearms for rent, I did not pay to much attention but they have at *least* 30+++ and...
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