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  1. AR15 and EFA10 Question

    If you built a compliant one yesterday, it’s legal. Maura’s opinion is an opinion, she doesn’t make law.
  2. Philly based 3rd US Circuit to rehear misdefelony case in February

    This and other circuit and district cases are posted in the NYSRPA vs Bruen thread in the general discussion section If the en banc panel of the 3rd circuit rules in favor of Range, it will have no direct effect on anyone outside PA, NJ, DE. The en banc opinion can and will be cited in other...
  3. A Mass gun control law was just thrown out, what are practical implications?

    The lower court ruling was vacated, it goes back to the lower court now to reconsider based on the NYSRPA decision.
  4. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    I was going to post, if you do, carry something cool like a blunderbuss.
  5. Question about firearms. Person died with no will (that anyone can find at least)

    Thanks. I skimmed that last night but it’s 15 years old, I wasn’t sure if things changed especially since MA always loves to make things more difficult over time rather than streamline things.
  6. Question about firearms. Person died with no will (that anyone can find at least)

    A friends FIL died recently. He wasn’t super close to my friends wife (his daughter) but she is the next of kin along with her adopted brother. He was in his 70s and apparently did not have a win or anything with respect to his property, bank accounts etc. he had a long term gf The rumor is...
  7. How will the new SCOTUS case change MA LTC Approva

    the number 1 thing SCOTUS needs to do is stand up for their decisions and enforce them. Thomas has been complaining for years that lower courts are doing what they want and not abiding by Heller and McDonald. When lower courts thumb their noses at SCOTUS, SCOTUS needs to slap them down. Even...
  8. How will the new SCOTUS case change MA LTC Approva

    I believe SCOTUS will strike down NYCs law but I think thy may leave much of it to the lower courts to flush out and that’s where the problem for MA residents lies. The federal district courts and the 1st circuit court of appeals are both very liberal and anti 2A. Unless SCOTUS stands up for...
  9. Can I reattain my LTC in MA?

    yeah, if there’s an accident with injury etc. anyone who goes to trial instead of taking a cwof is crazy though. There’s the risk you’ll get convicted and it’s going to cost a bunch for a lawyer and the pre trial court dates will drive a person nuts. Even before COVID going to trial in some...
  10. Can I reattain my LTC in MA?

    Was the OP found guilty of DUI or pled to it? I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both were a continued without a finding or a plea with probation etc. No one is Massachusetts gets anything but a CWOF for a first DUI unless they have an extensive record before it. Massachusetts district court...
  11. Moving out of state CWP question

    You need to be a dual resident, not just coming to visit a few times a year or something. Also, you are suppose to notify your PD that you are moving.
  12. Moving out of state CWP question

    Do you still have a residence here or are visiting often where you could be a dual resident? If not, yeah, the non resident LTC is in person, I think $100 and it is only good for 1 year, etc. If you feel like they make it so much of a pain that people wouldn't want to go through that, you...
  13. Why is there no PRO-gun legislation?

    You didn't get constitutional carry signed into law yet though.
  14. Why is there no PRO-gun legislation?

    Pro 2a stuff passes in normal states all the time. Look at the conceal carry gif on wikipedia and see how bad conceal carry was nationally and what it's like now. Locally, ME passed constitutional carry last year, vermont ended their suppressor ban. NC, GA, TX TN and 20 plus other states...
  15. Do I stand a chance

    It seems odd if this was his first DUI that he would go to trial or plea rather than a CWOF but maybe there was an injury or there was a child in the car, previous arrests, etc that pushed the ADA to not offer a CWOF. Who knows but as you said, if it was a guilty plea or a conviction, short of...
  16. Do I stand a chance

    This or through the federal courts (not the 1st district though). I don't think amending it to require violence would be much effort. The message, why should you lose your 2nd amendment rights for writing bad checks. There could be no reasnable public safety defense of the statue.
  17. Do I stand a chance

    For the life of me, I can't understand why any crime without violence would be included in a PP status. But the law was poorly written and thus we have this. There have been a few federal cases in pennsylvania defeating a PP status for a few crimes, so there is some progress there. I hope one...
  18. Do I stand a chance

    You need a governors pardon with reinstatement of you 2a rights, that is your only route. Sorry.
  19. Question on Question #4

    It sounds like you were detained, nothing more. There are no records kept for that. I was detained a few times in my youth [smile]
  20. Question on Question #4

    Even if you have been arrested, that isn't a dead sentence for an LTC, even an unrestricted. I would stop by the district court for that town/city and ask them to print the record for you. If they look you up and say there is no record of an arrest or case for you, there is you definitive...
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