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  1. WTS DR Power Wagon PRICE DROP

    Bump with price drop.
  2. WTS Lee 1000 progressive press with 38 Special dies.

    Lee 1000 progressive press. I haven’t reloaded with this press in over 10 years and I bought it used. Everything is complete and included. I have to caution anyone buying this press that it is a typical Lee 1000 that takes a little tweaking and adjusting to get to run reliably if you are not...
  3. Trade in value info

    A shop will give you about half of what they will sell it for. So you could check current used prices at shops get an idea Of what you’ll get. obligatory sell it here Comment.
  4. WTS DR Power Wagon PRICE DROP

  5. Looking for a knife recommendation

    A little off topic, but. Has anyone gone out to the Dexter factory outlet recently? I need a good boning knife and maybe a fillet knife. I’m sure they have steak knives as well.
  6. WTS DR Power Wagon PRICE DROP

    DR Power Wagon. Older model in great shape. I’m the second owner. The original owner lightly used it and had it regularly serviced and tuned. This has no issues other than missing battery which I can get and install for actual cost, or use it as is with the pull start. It will have to be...
  7. Hunting Instructor Wanted

    My son took the Texas online course and obtained a hunting license it was during the silly lockdown when no one was doing anything in person. This makes him able to get a Massachusetts license.
  8. New Firearms Acquisition Thread January 2023

    Nice ivory bead. Not many survived.
  9. WTS Sold pending funds. PRICE DROP Ruger 3 screw Blackhawk 357 magnum

    Nice 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk 357 magnum, probably bought in the 70’s. It has a small blemish on the barrel and the grips have a couple of oil stains. Functions perfectly. I’m the second owner. * Transfer FTF or at FFL reasonably close to me at your expense Sold pending funds. * $525 cash...
  10. Deals and steals

    I bought a couple of these last time they went on sale. You can’t go wrong for that price.
  11. SOLD Brand new Tynedale and Carhartt FR clothing

    2 pairs or new unworn with tags Tyndale FR pants size 40 waist 32 long. sold 1 Tyndale FR button down work shirt size XXL sold 1 Carharrt FR lined snap front shirt. Size XXL sold I also have about 5 pairs of 40x32 Tyndale pants lightly worn that you can have free if you buy the new items...
  12. Collectors firearms/WW II items to be refurbished

    Restoration is different from conservation. Conservation is preventing any continuing deterioration. Restoration is trying to get it back as close as possible to its unissued state. Most WWII arms were issued in the millions, If you are trying to preserve the collector value you should...
  13. WTS LG 8000 BTU stand up AC.

  14. WTS LG 8000 BTU stand up AC.

    Make me an offer
  15. WTS LG 8000 BTU stand up AC.

  16. New bird gun?

    I would source a new stock for it. A professionally done chip repair would probably cost more. I also wouldn’t worry about a perfect match with the forend. A vintage 37 that has been hunted will look fine. If your primary goal is lightweight I would stick with the 20gauge...
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