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  1. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    I am guessing most seasoned gun owners have bought mags for both pistols and rifles as well as ammo for at least 8-10 yrs now. After Obama was elected, sandy hook, 2016 and 2020 elections, Covid, BLM… how could you not.
  2. Massachusetts Legislature Voting on Anti-Civil Rights Bill TODAY!

    These clowns are just unbelievable
  3. "88 percent of all Americans support UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS"

    88% percent of statistics are made up
  4. Which is best? P365, G26, XDS?

    I have both a g26 and XDM subcompact (.45) - bought years apart for different reasons. A friends 365 I handled was nice and can certainly see why people choose it for daily cc as it is thin and easy to carry at a similar round count. For me, it’s too thin and I rather have the thicker grip but...
  5. Olight recall on M2R Pro and Warrior Mini

    The i3T has been decent and I have use it every night for the past 8 months walking the dogs- no issues in all types of weather. It’s not high end but good for $20. I rather the wife and kids grab that than one of my stream lights 😉
  6. Beretta M9A4

    I would get one as I don’t have anything for a RMR but agree with others - I have no need for it. I look forward to reading the reviews on it.
  7. Deals and steals

    Diamondback Firearms 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride $69.99...
  8. Black Rifle Coffee Condemns Kyle Rittenhouse, May Dump Sponsorship Of Media Defending Him

    I bought a couple of 1 lb bags last year or the year before. One was for me and the other gift to a friend and besides the branding, it was just coffee… better than some but not “absolutely f***ing outstanding” like others I had in the past. After the way they behaved regarding Rittenhouse, I...
  9. Urgent help needed for deer retrieval

    No advice to give but good luck
  10. When coyotes attack
  11. Which model do you prefer more?

    I own one S&W (638) - the rest of my revolvers are Rugers. Never was brand loyal and shopped based off of need, availability and price. I can’t justify spending the money on a colt but is money wasn’t a factor, I would own dozens of Rugers, S&W’s & Colts. I like them all!
  12. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    Benelli SuperNova 12 gauge
  13. What to name my snake?

  14. When coyotes attack
  15. My opinion on 2 CCW's

    I prefer the G26 grip to the 43x or any single stack… just feels right.
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