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  1. letter to my congressman and senators

    You missed a spot on your chin
  2. GOP Sens. Introduce National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry

    So brave . F*ck you. Let's see them do it next time they have all three branches.
  3. AG Andrea Joy Campbell Joins Coalition in Support of New York Law Banning Guns in Places of Worship

    The coalition also argues that places of worship are increasingly targets of gun violence, which may dissuade people from attending religious services and otherwise exercising their First Amendment rights. So taking that at face value , her goal is to make damn sure that the entire place is...
  4. Hollywood high rise potential sniper

    It won't be long before anything with a scope will be classified a "Sniper rifle" . It's exactly how they did it in England .
  5. Florida bill could hand gun owners huge win, make the US a constitutional carry majority country

    Now that crazy cat lady Marion Hammer isn't around to throw a f*ck into it , it just might pass.
  6. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    Wait for it.......
  7. More Linsky Nonsense

    I wonder if the local farmers have posters up with his picture like they do with local sex offenders ? IF YOU SEE THIS MAN LURKING AROUND YOUR BARN CALL POLICE. Goats and sheep have feelings too. Maybe PETA can set up a rape crisis hotline.
  8. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    Hi , i'm Mike Moore and I'm running for re-election. Can I count on your vote?
  9. Schumer demands FTC investigation into ‘JR-15’ rifle marketed to kids: ‘Disgusting’

    I think you would need therapy if you saw what the pos was actually looking at late at night.
  10. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to Ban 205 ‘Assault Weapons’

    I honestly don't pay that close of attention , but does she ? I hadn't even heard her name in lord knows how long till this popped up. I know there was some gripping about members voting by proxxy a lot.
  11. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to Ban 205 ‘Assault Weapons’

    Hate and satanic rituals most likely.
  12. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to Ban 205 ‘Assault Weapons’

    I don't think she's out in public much anymore. Pretty sure she's in a chair somewhere rocking back and forth while the attendants wipe the drool off her chin.
  13. TWELVE Shots from a .45 and still keeps coming

    I don't believe they even hit him while in the boat. Could be wrong but IIRC they just shot the piss out of the boat and the neighborhood .(After being told to hold fire .)
  14. Ex-Gang Member From Chicago Claims The Govt Drops Crates Full Of Guns & Bullets In Black Hoods

    That happened in a few different places where riots were spinning up if I remember right. Total coincidence I'm sure.
  15. PSA To Make STG-44 Replicas In .556, .300 Blackout & 7.62x39

    I'd be in if it's priced right .
  16. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    The problem may be that eventually someone will do the work for them and put 2+2 together and do what that NY newspaper did. I suspect that's the eventual goal.
  17. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    It was old ten pages ago.
  18. TWELVE Shots from a .45 and still keeps coming

    The guy was on the ground in about 11 seconds. Probably dead on his feet before that. I had a deer run just over a hundred yards this year with both lungs burgered and the top of the heart taken off before it folded. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.
  19. New Office of Gun Safety Enforcement

    What a lot of people don't know was there were other people working there besides the family. All said there was no way he could have taken kids out of there without them knowing and they were told to STFU or end up in a cell next to them. Pure A f*cking evil.
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