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  1. GOP Sens. Introduce National Reciprocity for Concealed Carry

    Republicans didn’t pass it when they held all three branches, it has a snowball’s chance in hell that it will pass now
  2. Nasty Anti-Gun Legislation Potentially Looming in RI

    Sooooo glad I escaped that cesspool. Condolences to those remaining
  3. Interesting observations when shooting with or without prescription glasses

    Its called mono vision. Primary eye focused on the front sight, secondary eye focused on target. I works, but takes getting used to.
  4. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to Ban 205 ‘Assault Weapons’

    It think that was written 40 years ago
  5. Travel out of Logan with suppressors

    Thanks for the correction
  6. Travel out of Logan with suppressors

    You need permission in advance from the ATF to take SBRs out of state. I think it's the same for suppressors. Nope, free travel to states where they are allowed
  7. Ex-Gang Member From Chicago Claims The Govt Drops Crates Full Of Guns & Bullets In Black Hoods

    Doubt it.. Thems vote dem. Why kill off supporters?
  8. After shooting, shoppers mixed over Mall of America bag check policy

    As much as I hate Amazon, I hate malls more.
  9. Bergara PREMIER RIDGEBACK RIFLE 6.5. Creedmoor

    Bergara PREMIER RIDGEBACK RIFLE 6.5. Creedmoor. 24" barrel Includes optional scope rail as pictured. Barrel break in done, and put in safe. Excellent shooter. Very low round count. Excellent condition, but there a a very small mark from storage on the on the bolt handle. $1550 shipped to...
  10. Polymer 80 frames, etc.

    Did you forget that ATF once classified shoelaces as machine guns?
  11. FMJ or HP for coyotes?

    Generally, coyotes don't find ammunition to be a deterrent. I pointed a gun at a coyote once and he came up a licked it. Was not deterred at all. If you are asking about actually shooting a coyote. Neither are good for the Coyote. HP is much better for you. FMJ should be shot at paper or...
  12. Rhode Island man tries to sneak 'artfully concealed' gun parts in peanut butter jars through TSA

    Doesn't surprise me that he is from RI. What RI lacks in size it makes up for in stupidity and corruption.
  13. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    Work with the Massachusetts Legislature on measures designed to limit stupidity including limits on annual and lifetime brainlessness.
  14. Thoughts on the Keltec RDB

    Keltecs are great range toys. I won't trust my life to them
  15. The tip of the iceberg?

    Journalism has been dead for decades
  16. Sturbridge show any good?

    Do you like overpriced ammo, jerky and Nazi memorabilia?
  17. Website critique…

    Vapitization counts in making it easy to read and remember your website. but does not matter when typing it in a browser. instead of use
  18. Did Hunter Biden's gun problem go away?

    He never had a gun problem. We would have a problem if we did the same thing, but not him
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