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  1. WTS Whiskey! Cleaning out the liquor cabinet.

    Moving and cleaning out the liquor cabinet. Nothing special here, just my daily drinkers that I never opened - I'd rather sell them than try to move them. Strikethrough price is what I paid at the local liquor store. Will sell individually, but I'd prefer someone take all 5 bottles for $150...
  2. WTS Motorcycle gear: Joe Rocket jacket, pants, Draggin jeans, kevlar shirt, helmets, etc

    I'm clearing out all my motorcycle gear. I sold my bike a few years ago when I got married and had a kid, and this stuff has sat in the closet ever since. Most of this gear was only worn a couple times before I put it away, and it all looks like new. I have it all on Craigslist priced at...
  3. WTB four tires, size 245/70-16

    I need to replace the tires on my wife's car, looking for any set of four tires, size 245/70-16, that have some mileage left on them. We're hoping to get her a new car soon, but in the meantime we NEED to replace the tires that are currently on the car to keep it safe. We won't be putting...
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