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  1. Vizard's in Plaistow, NH

    I popped in there once...It's on the 2nd floor of that little office building that's in front of Planet Fitness. It's small, not a ton of inventory and the prices were high. It's a young guy who opened it...Good for him for opening up a shop, but he's the third shop within a mile or so...
  2. XDs recall -- .45 ACP and 9x19

    I'm getting anxious and want mine back...It's already been there for 3 weeks [thinking]
  3. Cheap 9mm Fed JHP Ammo in NH

    If you're looking for a case of 1000, you're best off making a friend in NH and have it shipped to them.
  4. AR Build

  5. Painted my AR...

    Looks great...I actually like the double stencil on the can. Great work!

    Great to hear someone is taking over and getting their shit together there...
  7. Happiness is

  8. New acquisitions for July 2013

    Lucky enough to pick up this gem 2 weeks ago: Springfield XDs in 9mm
  9. Four Seasons is awesome!!

    Feel free to continue your comments about FS in the "Gun Shops and Reviews" category here:
  10. absolutly pissed! **update

    I don't doubt this BS happens in MA, but it sounds a little hinky that they'd just call you and tell you this over the phone...Sure nobody's just playing a shitty prank on you?
  11. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    FINALLY finished up my first build in like 3 years... Spikes Tactical Lower Spikes Enchanced LPK (Battle Trigger, KNS Non-Rotating pins, Ergo grip, etc.) BCM BFH Upper w/BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle and 16" mid-length barrel (1:7 twist) Larue Tactical 12" Handguard Larue Tactical buffer...
  12. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    If it helps clarify, Bob is a friend of mine...I've been to his house and his range. I can say with certainty that Jim from MFL does not own this shop.
  13. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    No, they're not...See my posts on the 1st page.
  14. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    Yes, they do...Full auto, suppressed guns, etc.
  15. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    Read my above post, Zappa
  16. Man Shot In Leg @ Range In NH Today

    No, they're different than MFL. The owner's name is Bob G. and he's a good guy. He originally owned Granite State Firearms in Brentwood (still has a shop out of his house now), but moved up to Belmont to open the big shop with full range with rentals and whatnot.
  17. Just Received Paperwork

    Forms are taking between 6-7 months to get approved by the ATF at the time being, so take that into consideration.
  18. Instructor Discounts Thread

    Nevermind...I got my own copy. It's as easy as sending an email to: [email protected] with your information and they send it to you pretty quick.
  19. Instructor Discounts Thread

    I'd love to see the list, as well.
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