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  1. Remington 572 Fieldmaster or other brand pump .22/.22 Mag

    I've got a Model 12C that you can shoot in North Stonington, CT. It's not for sale, although there is a Model 12A at M&B Sports (near Foxwoods) for $425. Similar to...
  2. Is the 6.8 x 51 round the military just adopted the same as 6.8 SPC?

    You might want to check out the .277 Wolverine. One benefit to using a .277 caliber: plenty of bullets collecting dust at New England gun shops as .270 Winchester is so un-loved around here.
  3. Looking for bulk .30 Carbine ammo

    Let them legislate us to be felons and then we'll have more rights than law abiding citizens.
  4. Looking for bulk .30 Carbine ammo

    There's a fella (shop) in Higganum, CT that has some listed on, but that might not work for foreigners. "THE MADNESS" at Lionheart Militaria. It's all at $1 a round (he may deal if you are an FFL)...? You guys in MA are going to have to discard your M1 Carbine anyways, right?
  5. don't be embarrassed, anyone dabble in .357 sig?

    I have reloaded this caliber, but I haven't ever shot it.
  6. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Always works that way with me. Sell the call for peanuts; next day premium is 200% more!
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    I never seem to get on the right side of a stock movement, but to minimize risk in the mining sector, I've been taking some positions in optionable/dividend-paying royalty companies. These guys typically don't have the operational risks (warring jurisdictions, road blockages from disgruntled...
  8. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    I still like FTCO, but I would that options would be available. I do savor the monthly dividend.
  9. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    My consistent performers are covered call writing plays. As soon as I commit and set a strike, the underlying security generally increases to make me lose the stock or roll it forward. MUX, CGAU, GOGL are a few that are acting accordingly. Once I have some free funds, POWW and SWBI might work as...
  10. Reloading Benches

    I have a desk (disassembled currently) and a work bench sitting in my storage bin. They are taking up space, make an offer and come get them. My current desk/bench is simply a 2x6 mounted with a single bolt through the rear of the desk top, so it doesn't alter the writing surface. Press can...
  11. When and Where can I shoot clays? Moving Target listing

    Ashaway Sportsmans Club in Rhode Island:
  12. 32 Remington

    I think I've got a partial box of the Hornady .321" 170 grainers laying around somewhere, as well as a dozen pieces of .32 Remington brass. I'll have to dig through a ton to verify this. Also, I know the Remington 8mm bullets are listed as .322" diameter. I think the boxes I have are 200gr or...
  13. 30/30

    Take some lightweight .32 bullets, swage them down and go for it. COL may require 1 + 1 or single shot loading. The DEWC from Grafs could also be used in the .30-30, but don't expect it to be the smoothest feeding round..
  14. Metal Reactive target?

    As for steel, just take any steel plate and use frangibles. If near SE CT come ring some steel; I've got frangibles (Sinterfire, Inceptor SRR, RHT, etc.) in several calibers.
  15. Metal Reactive target?

    Fill them with water and watch them explode! (Perhaps, not so much with a .22 LR...)
  16. Looking for bulk .30 Carbine ammo

    Most won't want to take a ride, but I still have some 110gr FMJ RN projectiles, but you'll have to provide brass and primers. Roll your own... NET&SS and RMR have more.
  17. Plated .308 Win bullets hurt barrel?

    FWIW, I have slugged the bore of rifles with reduced charges. Too much and the bullet continues through my catch box (wadded paper and cardboard). I was using about 1/2 grain of pistol powder to capture the bullet last time. This isn't to say that all rifles will have similar results. I'm sure...
  18. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Low on typical SKS bullets and small rifle primers, so these R-P cases won't get reloaded again soon. The 100 grainers from AR work just fine. Loaded a few and ran them this afternoon (21.5 grains W296). I guess I'll have to dig out the Coleman Stove to pour some 200 grain JSWC for the SKS.:
  19. Plated .308 Win bullets hurt barrel?

    Not directly relevant to your bullet selection, but I've had these results with some Frontier (South African...?) plated .308 bullets out of my FR-7 (don't recall the velocity however): View: My understanding is that the swirls indicate the bullet coming...

    Good for you, Mark. I have considered the Model 81, but never found one in my price range; ended up with a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington. If you are able to get down to North Stonington, CT, I have two boxes (39 rounds) of factory ammo (which I can sell, but I'm not shipping ammo). I also reload...
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