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  1. Kansas police investigate whether fatal shooting was result of prank called 'swatting'

    The kid who got shot had nothing to do with playing Call of Duty. The address that the scumbag prankster gave the power hungry cops was a wrong guess. Man arrested in 'Call of Duty' 'swatting' hoax that led to fatal police shooting F'ing fail all around. And yeah, if anybody but a cop had...
  2. Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas! I'll share a Christmas story that my 10 yr old daughter wrote. She gave it to us as part of a Christmas journal gift
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, everybody!
  4. Happy Noble Train of Artillery Day!

    Great achievement, although you have the siege backwards: it was the British which were confortably holed up in Boston and under an American siege strong enough to keep the British garrison in place, but too weak to take Boston. When the British awoke to see the Americans had positioned the...
  5. Second Amendment Foundation Files Suit Against California ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

    I don't live in MA, so I can't say I agree from a "whole view" standpoint. Heller, McDonald, and most places outside a handful of liberty-crushing states indicates good progress.
  6. The Last Hole in the Collection is Filled; Smith-Corona - PICS UP

    Not an M96 Krag? They were more likely to have been used in the Spanish-American war.
  7. Second Amendment Foundation Files Suit Against California ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

    Another attempt by the good guys to get a gun rights lawsuit up to the USSC level, which is how far they need to go to get a fair ruling. Their arguments could be entirely valid, and the 9th Circuit would still make up their own logic to rule against them. California Democrat lawmakers...
  8. OK, this is not OK. New forum freaks me out.

    Dangit, had to pick Xenforo to use, didn't you? Xenforo is slow as shit and only marginally responsive on tablet/smart phone which a big percentage of people browse the forum on.
  9. Tapatalk

    This is the second forum I'm on that has switched to Xenforo, and both are less convenient to access now. The other one noticed a reduction in traffic, so be forewarned.
  10. Joe Biden: AR-15 Used to Stop Texas Church Massacre Should Not Be Allowed

    Well to be honest, I'd sign up for coloring with crayons or gluing macaroni and popsicle sticks together if I was set for life like he is. Dementia has nothing to do with that.
  11. Things to do in Las Vegas?

    It takes about 2 1/2 hrs to get there, and you can see a fair amount of sites there in a day. There's a gas station and restaurant there as well. Just leave really early from Vegas and plan to stay late to give yourself enough time. It'll be relatively cool when you go, but bring a case of...
  12. Things to do in Las Vegas?

    There's a whorehouse museum in Pahrump. Not far past that (by Western US standards) is Amargosa Valley and Death Valley. On the other side of Death Valley is Panamint Valley where Charles Manson's compound was. That's all old mining country so lots of ghost towns.
  13. "What to Do in a Shooting? Americans Stream to Classes to Learn `Run, Hide, Fight'

    Hey it's a start. I applaud any movement in the direction of individuals learning to be harder targets for active shooters rather than insisting on more government control.
  14. MSNBC - Texas shooter shot himself; wasn't stopped by good guy with a gun.

    People who learn about guns from movies and TV don't understand that you can stop a threat without firing a shot.
  15. Top 3 Mass Killings in the US

    Yes. Familiarity with the Indian Wars should be required in this country. Not because "save the Indians," but as a lesson in what the US government has no problem justifying if you get in their way.
  16. 2017/18 Hunting Thread!!

    Heading to Missouri soon to catch the last few days of hunting season at my mom's place. They are all corn fed back there and the venison is not gamey.
  17. Americans Set New Long Range World Record! 5,000 yards (2.84 miles)

    Sure are a lot of long range experts in this thread.
  18. Home made black powder. Tips?

    You can find sifting screens of sizes corresponding to F, FF, etc., to separate the powder by grain size. Check out the two-barrel tumbler from Harbor Freight. For tumbling, don't use steel shot. Instead, look for non-sparking stuff to use for milling media. I use ceramic pie weights (you...
  19. DURHAM, N.H.don’t offend classmates of color

    Wtf is wrong with cowboys.
  20. NH woman arrested for having gun in car with child - More info and GoFundMe Link

    It won't be an expensive lesson. The term "lesson" implies MPD will actually learn from it. Should read: "...gonna be a slightly tighter MPD budget in the fiscal year following settlement."
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