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  1. Ok . One of these stupid NES polls. What is your next gun.

    Is ‘x10’ a sub variant of the 320 or are you upfitting a squad?
  2. Favorite Military "sayings"

    Ahh, yes, NOW I see the difference in the MTLB
  3. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    This is up past Dauphinas by the traffic light? I think we did the septic there four or five winters ago.
  4. Favorite Military "sayings"

    the amount of obscure shit I still remember is astounding.
  5. Favorite Military "sayings"

    "Sir, I need you to Cirlce X this......again........" I remember my TM number still 9-2320-280-10
  6. New toy

    theres always a bunch of Stacaccos on TacSwap. I always thought that was telling.
  7. She asked for it…so she got it

    call amberlamps

    FN SPR no rings included around 1500 rounds fired old age old injuries make this not fun for classes anymore 1/4 minute gun w match or handloads Location : Holliston Description : FN SPR Accessories : None Selling Terms : FTF or FFL Price : 1300 (trade ideas welcome. razor NF optics, URG...
  9. WTB G17.5 Guts

    Looking for Barrel and op guide/ spring group for G17 gen 5. OEM, aftermarket / new or used.
  10. I need a spotting scope

    can always shoot an email down there.
  11. I need a spotting scope

    where is the class? I took the PRC at Ridgeline, Scope was on the optional list, I brought mine and never took it out. maybe you dont need it for the class.
  12. Well, post some military pics.

    wheres this railhead? looks Baumholder-ey
  13. My boy earned his Green Beret this week.

    my nephew passed Ranger School first time, all three phases. As a 20 year old PFC. I pinned his Tab on on his 21st Birthday. He got out (Of 1/75) and is heading to 19th SF now after re-up to NG.
  14. Happy Birthday Audie Murphy

    "Audie Leon Murphy was legend in his own time...."
  15. WRKO Transmitter

    we built a solar panel farm over in Ashland, under the big towers behind the Hess Station. When the solar guys would unlock the gates next to the outbuildings in the morning you could hear the spanish speaking channel through the vibrations in the chain link.
  16. NY Gun Drive...seems like a Trojan horse to me...

    another clueless do good politician
  17. Talk to me about skydiving in MA or NH

    I can watch those chutes from our place in Sanford I think
  18. The Mill

    good luck to the guys. hope everything works out for them. glad everyones ok. went there recently for the first time, great people.
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