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  1. Unauthorized transfer of firearms from State Police Armory?

    In virtually all .GOV jobs/unions: Suspend w/ pay = prelude to you getting fired. Suspend w/o pay = that is your "punishment".
  2. Should I apply to register my Pre Ban Mac 11 as a SBR?

    1. correct. 2. not right. You can have items removed from the registry, its really as simple as writing a letter to NFA branch explaining how the item is no longer an NFA device, they ussually send you back a confirmation letter that your item has been removed from NFA (you do NOT get your $200...
  3. Selling a registered MA handgun to Maine resident

    Its really not complicated or hard, not sure why so many here like to add extra steps. Only time I ever use an FFL to send a gun is when the receiving FFL refuses to receive from a non FFL (their business their rules). Otherwise seriously just send it yourself to the receiving FFL (USPS says no...
  4. Manufactuing/Industrial zoning needed around Boston for 07 FFL.

    1. Usually its as "easy" as going to the building inspectors at your local town hall and asking if a home based part time "machine shop" business requires a variance or not at your address. 2. I know/knew a few home based 07's, you pretty much nailed it no Mass "retail" sales, you are a...
  5. Sharing steel at a busy range.... Rant!

    I guess I'm in the minority because I dont see what the problem is. You show up at a range where someone else is shooting. He tells you what target he is shooting at and you leave (rather than move the other steel or set up paper). I just dont see the fuss/problem. I half expect a "I was almost...
  6. DD dealer in Mass?

    Unless I am missing something, if you sold it, you don't need a MA dealer... If the buyer is instate Form 4 direct to them, if out of state Form 4 to "their" SOT...
  7. Holbrook Sportsman Club

    Pretty sure you can more or less just show up to any of the Sunday Breakfasts, there will be a club rep or two around, introduce yourself and Im sure one of them will be able to help you out.
  8. Holbrook Sportsman Club

    I second Hanson (especially if you are in Hanover). I am less than 2 miles from Holbrook Club, instead I drive the 15-20 min to Hanson.
  9. Just bought an M2 conversion kit

    Same way as a complete M2 carbine, find a registered kit and same process as complete gun. But don't expect it to be any cheaper, the "host" gun is essentially "free". About the only "premium" priced M2 carbines are original (C&R) M2 marked guns. Basically all the other M2 are conversions (or...
  10. holding off cleaning gun for a day?

    Unless I've been shooting corosive ammo, I typically only clean my guns when they stop working or I get bored...
  11. Machine Gunz

    I will add to this. If at all possible buy the MOST EXPENSIVE MG you want (that you can afford). Prices have and will only gone up. That $20K gun you can "barely" afford this year will be $30K gun you can't afford in a few years. Unless you have extreme wealth I strongly recommend buying...
  12. Saturday shoot with a few friends

    Here are a few pics I took (sorry didn't take many pics): Jim Ballou on the BAR The other side of the rack HK 51B And finally video of the BAR in action (you need to click the link, sorry):
  13. Saturday shoot with a few friends Here is a video showing it was loud... (I guess you gotta click the link to see the video)
  14. Saturday shoot with a few friends

    We lucked out weather wise and just the right people to MG ratio... I have a few pics of Jim Ballou shooting the BAR. I will get them up in the next day or so, when I get on a real computer.
  15. Ban private shooting in Yarmouth

    Wow a whole 11 signatures to get a petition on the town warrant...
  16. Green towns for CLEO signature

    First, I don't think anyone will want to "make" this list. The "relationships" developed in some places to acquire signatures vary, as well some chiefs will sign for some types of items but not others. If you want to know if your Chief will sign go talk to him, if they don't know what you are...
  17. m203 grenade launcher legal?

    Yes they are legal. I have an M79 and I know there are othere 79s n 203s in mass. You have to do all the nfa stuff but all you would need in mass is an FID since they are single shot...
  18. Safe house for NFA

    Why not? Its not like he has posted the address of his second home (or whatever) along with the dates he wont be there (making for an easy theft). Only potential legal issue is just dont forget to file a 5320.20 if the guns are moved out of state.
  19. Safe house for NFA

    Yeah people do stuff like that frequently. Second residences, safe deposit boxes, dont hear much about storage units.
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