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  1. Ownership of weapons whose owner has expired LTC?

    You're a bigger man than the mods are. For those newbies who've been scorned, flogged and otherwise beaten up by Scriv....just ignore him. It's nothing personal really. He's just an all around SOB and acts that way towards every one - even the mods.
  2. How long is a Pistol Safety Course good for?

    I've heard of some taking it after a year, but there's a lot who won't accept it if it's 6 months old. I had one guy tell me they feel the person forgot what they learned in the class if it's over 6 months. Ask the LO in the city/town.
  3. MA-Gun Laws (Fed & MA) and Inheritance

    Done, although I left the condolences. Mother
  4. Non-Standard licensing requirements -> Non-Statutory licensing requirements

    Andover isn't the only one - Lawrence and No. Andover also require a letter from the doc. According to the Andover Chief a few years back (hubby and I were invited to a doctors conference where this was discussed) it's to help save time because the DOH takes forever to get back to them. If...
  5. FOPA in Massachusetts

    No. [grin]
  6. Application Process Question

    3 weeks sounds optimistis, but ya never know. However, if you haven't heard anything after 3 weeks (from the date of the printing), then you could call him.
  7. Change of Address, again...

    And again when you move back. 3 copies of the form - Certified mail, return receipt requested - both times. 1st to cheif who issued, 2nd to new chief and 3rd to CHSB.

    Just make sure the shirt is long enough in case you need to reach that top shelf in the market. [wink]

    As long as the gun is not exposed from under the shirt, printing isn't a huge problem - buy bigger tee shirts if it bothers you. [wink]
  10. Non resident with Hi-Cap mags

    He's correct hun. [grin]
  11. MA Handgun Compliance Q+A Thread (new)

    You'll need an A because of the 12 round mag tho. Make sure to ask for it. [wink]
  12. concealment methods / levels of concealment

    Carrying concealed means concealed. Make sure the shirt is long enough (if your not using an IWB holster) to cover the muzzle of the gun. Make sure it is long enough that if you're in the market and have to reach to the top shelf, nothing pokes out under the shirt. (I had a friend who's...

  14. MA Ammunition Restrictions?

    SShhhhh!!!! Not so loud! [wink]

    No, you need to move to a state that isn't over run with liberals in the stste government. [smile]
  16. Early Renewal Hypothetical

    Ken, he's in a green town now...
  17. Joint Custody

    As long as both are licensed it doesn't matter who'se name is on the paper. Enjoy the joint custody. [wink]
  18. MA Ammunition Restrictions?

    There's no restrictions in the MGL's for ammo. There may however, be a limit set by the fire department in your city/town with regards to quantity. Is that what your asking?

    And you can be sure it won't be the last one sweetie. <sigh>
  20. First FA-10 Rant

    Yeah...and let's not forget that it's the Criminal History Systems Board that has our records. I take umbridge with that. [thinking]
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