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  1. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Boston 10/15/22 Received reminder from DCJIS 10/17/22 Emailed BPD Licensing 10/19/22 Received email from BPD with instructions for online renewal 10/20/22 Completed online renewal paid $100 got receipt 12/15/22 Waiting... 12/21/22 Received LTC Renewal receipt should get new license in 8-10 weeks...
  2. Gun consignments question

    Thank you all for your replies. Most helpful.
  3. Gun consignments question

    Question about gun consignments: Is there any limit on the number of guns a private (non-FFL) lgun owner can consign with a FFL? For example, if I had a gun collection consisting of 30 guns could I consign them with a FFL all at once? Or does the "4 gun transactions per year" rule apply? Thank you.
  4. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    Most likely a suggestion to move north to a constitutional carry state (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)
  5. Weymouth PD REQUIRES live fire for LTC.

    BGRA in Dorchester will do a live fire certification for LTC candidates. You must make an appointment and bring in your BFS certificate if you do not currently have a LTC. Make sure you know what your PD requires for live fire.
  6. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    Ah yes the notorious Jefferson-McConnico-Gadson et al. family. Liquarry C. Jefferson's son Liquarry A. Jefferson (age 8) was shot and killed by his cousin using an illegally-possessed gun belong to Liquarry (A.)'s half-brother Jayquan McConnico in 2007. His mother, Lakeisha Gadson, notorious...
  7. LTC-A PD Approved. Pending FRB.

    I stand corrected. "Class A Large Capacity License to Carry Firearms". The old distinction between A and B must be the "Restrictions" line on the license. Thank you drgrant for the clarification.
  8. LTC-A PD Approved. Pending FRB.

    Tip off should have been the "LTC-A" in the header. LTC-A no longer exists and hasn't for some time.
  9. Shipping gun to Springfield for warranty work, legal?

    Just for the hell of it I looked up FedEx's policy on shipping firearms. I was wrong, no need to declare what is in the box.
  10. Shipping gun to Springfield for warranty work, legal?

    I think it was Bob Boudrie who said that guns need to be shipped from a FedEx Shipping Center -- like the the one on Third Avenue in Needham. You are not supposed to bring them to a FedEx Office site or a FedEx Access Point (like Walgreens). The last time I shipped guns (a month ago) the...
  11. Machine gun license oddity

    Maybe he had insomnia
  12. Machine gun license oddity

    You of all people should know that Massachusetts gun laws make little or no sense whatsoever...
  13. One of my favorite things

    Nice work Atty. Tassel. I'm going to put you on speed dial in case I ever run into trouble. I had a revolver confiscated by BPD a while ago. It only took 5 months for me to get it back. In retrospect I guess I was lucky. PS that Beretta looks like a "Minx" -- the first gun I ever bought. Still...
  14. Gun-friendly MA reps / senators?

    Does anyone know of any gun-friendly state reps / senators? I have this crazy idea that MAYBE I could persuade someone to sponsor a bill deregulating adjustable stocks for rifles and shotguns. According to my research an adjustable stock (NOT folding or collapsible) only reduces / expands the...
  15. Legal definition of a rifle

    With regard to Massachusetts law, is there a legal definition for the overall length of what is considered a rifle in Massachusetts? I know the barrel must be at least 16". Thank you.
  16. Fingerprint FU

    The licensing system in Boston is hopelessly dysfunctional. The kid who told my friend that his license application was on hold because of the FBI fingerprints has no understanding that people are routinely fingerprinted for entirely civil (as opposed to criminal) purposes. I was fingerprinted...
  17. Fingerprint FU

    A friend applied for a LTC in Boston. He was interviewed and fingerprinted in early May 2021. He called BPD two days ago to find out where his license might be. He was told his application was "on hold" because he had been fingerprinted by the FBI. The reason? He emigrated from England back in...
  18. Restricted ltc

    Start by asking the licensing authority what you need to do to get unrestricted. In "red towns" usually you have to be responsible for large amounts of cash, late-night bank deposits, doctor, lawyer with enemies, etc. In other words they require you to show a need for an unrestricted license...
  19. New LTC application - Boston (circa 2020)

    Actually not quite accurate. I got a restricted LTC in 2017, got trained & certified as a firearms instructor in 2019 and Lt. Det. McDonough very nicely re-issued my LTC with no restrictions. OP: If you have a cash business or are responsible for handling lots of cash (restaurant, real estate...
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