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  1. ain't it a bitch when

    I quite often re-organize gear, whether hunting or reloading and put things in a "safe" place. Sometimes so safe I can't recall later which "safe place" I put them in. What ever it is almost always shows some point.
  2. Issue with Dillon550b

    I called Dillon. Super easy, no questions asked and they sent me a new primer tube housing and base and it arrived today. Put it on and 100% fixed my issue. Gotta love their customer service!!
  3. Issue with Dillon550b

    I'll try and polish it with the steel wool and if that doesn't work I'll go straight to Dillon support as recommended. Thanks everyone.
  4. Issue with Dillon550b

    I did some research on the forums about this issue and tried the various fixes listed but I am still having issues. I have about 30,000 rounds loaded on this press, all 9mm and 45ACP. My primer bar has been sticking in both directions. It comes back but not quite all the way to drop another...
  5. Quick question on .45 hard cast

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  6. Quick question on .45 hard cast

    I have been loading .45ACP with 230gr Berry's bullets, plated round nose, for many thousands of rounds now. Sometimes X-Treme 230Gr in a similar plated round nose. I just noticed that that last 2 boxes of Berry's I picked up at Rileys are actually the hard cast lead with the blue ring around...
  7. One load for all yours 9mm or one per handgun.

    ^ same for me. 1 9mm load for all my 9mm's. Also the same for 45ACP.
  8. Reloading speed

    Wow, I must the the slowest reloader on here. Between 5 primer tube full ups and 20 times (by your numbers) that I have to stop the process, weigh the powder and then get back to a rythem, there isn't a hope in hell I can produce 500 rounds in a hour and 15. Even moving fast I seem to be at...
  9. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I switched the 550 over to 9mm from 45 last night. Got everything set and ran the first 100 through, I am making a batch of 1000 over the next few days. My 9 year old did about 60 of them with my supervision :)
  10. Breaking in the new Dillon 550

    Those smaller plastic ammo cans are perfect for 1000 rounds of 9mm or 500 rounds of .45, well I guess I can put about 650 in them but I like keep round numbers for inventory control :) Love my 550 as well but I haven't started loading for rifle calibers yet, just 9 and 45 so far.
  11. Reloading 223? 68 gr. BTHP

    I can't help you o. The reloading data as I haven't started loading .223/5.56 yet. I have a Wilson match barrel on a long range AR (24" bull barrel, it's a beast) and it's a 1/8 twist and loves 75 grain bullets. You should have no issues with 68s.
  12. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I screwed up and ended up with about 15 of those myself on the first 100 I did last night. I hadn't loaded in a while and realized I left the large primer sleeve in the press and was loading 9mm. doh!! My 8 year old is now pulling bullets for me :). I fixed my error and loaded up 500 correct...
  13. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Yup, I do, she just happened to walk in when it was wide open :). Thankfully she doesn't look in the others!!
  14. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I didn't do anything exciting. Loaded up 1000 rounds of 9mm and 650 rounds of 45ACP in the last week. My mistake was that I left the double door cabinet, that holds all my ammo and mags, open and the wife came down into the man cave (a very rare event) to ask me something and looked in the...
  15. Frustrating morning with my Chrony

    I was suspecting some of the above. Thanks for the feedback. I did not clean them, that's a good suggestion.
  16. Frustrating morning with my Chrony

    I decided yesterday to dig out my F1 Shooting Chrony that has not seen the light of day in about 7-8 years. I had previously only used it for archery since I didn't reload back then. I have been working up different loads for 9 and 45 with Titegroup and W231 and wanted to check them out to see...
  17. Anyone recognize this headstamp?

    I dry tumble with a little polish (cap full) put in. Seems to lube them a little. No issues with any brass at all other than a handful that are all apparently Remington. I suspect they are someones reloads I picked up. After some more testing, not all the Rem head stamp brass causes issues...
  18. Anyone recognize this headstamp?

    Standard 9mm Luger Dillon dies, yes carbide. The press and dies are fine. No idea on the brass since I am sure it was range pickup. It gets selected out and tossed now before even seeing the press.
  19. Anyone recognize this headstamp?

    I can sometimes actually tell when picking it up it feels thicker. I am assuming so resize OK but some of them are so hard to resize I am afraid of breaking something so I just toss them. Thanks for the ID on it!
  20. Anyone recognize this headstamp?

    I have noticed I occasionally get a REALLY hard to resize 9mm case. I mean the force it takes it almost feels like I am going to pull my Dillon 550 right off table top. I can force it to resize and it will easily take a primer. I just don't want to force it, and now when I feel the heavy...
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