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  1. Best Shops To Compare Red Dot Optics In Person (Aimpoint/Holosun/Etc)?

    I've been heavily leaning towards the Bravo 5 myself. One of the benefits is that it's a prisim site, the reticle is etched in to the glass so even in the event of a battery failure you still have your sights.
  2. .22LR Training Rounds/Snap Caps

    #8 wall anchors, can get a box of 100 from your local ace hardware for 6$
  3. Best place to get optics

  4. Best place to get optics

    It's a 300$ optic at most places, not seeing much difference in price anywhere, nor in stock either. Find one in stock and go for it.
  5. Need a product recommendation

    I wouldn't use cartridge cleaner in it, use the Hornady Gun Parts Cleaner. It says it is safe for all gun finishes. You can even call their customer support to verify. Here is what I am referring to. Cleaner
  6. Need a product recommendation

    Have you tried ultrasonic?
  7. Question for Safe owners...

    I use hockey pucks under mine.
  8. storing equipment

    Only thing I keep in Bins is my hunting gear. Got a few, one for each area I hunt. All stored with local foliage from those areas. What kind of gear you talking?
  9. Multitool, Leatherman OHTvs Sog Powerassist

    Have you seen the Gerber MP600? Santa just bought me one about an hour ago.
  10. anyone use these scopes??

    P223 on a 16" here. Fixed magnification. Great scope. Very pleased with it. One thing to note is that the M223 scope mount does not work with it.... I found out the hard way.
  11. Hard Rifle Case For Two AR's??

    Plano ProMax. I love mine.
  12. decent but not bulky fingerless gloves

    Not fingerless but are awesome. I love mine.
  13. EoTech vs Aimpoint

    I can only speak for the EoTech. I have the 512. Absolutely love it. Have had zero issues with it and holds its zero perfectly. You're welcome to try her out if you'd like.
  14. Any experience with Harbor Freight Spotting scope?

    I have one, hunk of junk, got caught in the rain with it once, just briefly, moisture in between the lenses....
  15. Pistol racks for safes

    Those look awesome. I really like the one with the shelf underneath.
  16. Position of Gun Safe

    I wouldn't bolt them but do get them off the ground. Use hockey pucks under them.
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