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  1. Your New Knife!

    That's so hot it belongs in the Shiri Spear thread.
  2. Wife wants a knife

    This might be an option: WPS Fox Folder Knife - Satin It is a liner lock but has a push button on the grip so your fingers are clear. I had one of these and the quallity is very good for the price. But I gave it to my son because the blade angle doesn't match my training. Its more of a...
  3. Favorite Knife Brands

    OP said they aren't taking new vendors. I like Benchmade also.
  4. Favorite Knife Brands

    Emerson & TFW Paging @enbloc
  5. Your New Knife!

    I've had an Emerson for EDC for over 20 years. It's held up, but definitely time for a new one so I picked up an Emerson Commander. Hope this one holds up as long. I ordered this on a Sunday, they shipped on Monday with the cheapest ship rate they offer, and got it on Wednesday. That's...
  6. Your New Knife!

    Just picked these up. I haven't trained much with a Karambit so I bought the matching trainer.
  7. Your New Knife!

    Spectacular work!
  8. Your New Knife!

    That looks cool. I like small fixed blades!
  9. Your New Knife!

    Christmas present to myself. :)
  10. Your New Knife!

    I'm a huge fan of this knife. Super sharp, love the profile of the thin blade, and it holds an edge well. It is also lightweight and affordable. I usually carry this one when running. My only beef with it is that it isn't the fastest to open. I can't get a good purchase on the thumb stud...
  11. Your New Knife!

    A good blade is a good blade regardless of cost. I have a variety from low to high value, and many of the lower cost blades are my favs. Just keep them sharp and they will be there when you need them.
  12. Your New Knife!

    I purchased it from Traditional Filipino Weapons. Owner is Rob K, solid guy and legit FMA instructor. I`ve purchased many items from him over the years. All blades (I beleive) are made in the Philippines. He has a huge selction representing all of the various regions. And if you practice...
  13. Your New Knife!

    My newest blade is a Filipino machete that I bought a few months ago. Very nice weight and balance, and super sharp.
  14. Khukuri Knife

    Thanks. Interested in the outcome.
  15. Khukuri Knife

    I've trained FMA on and off for a decade, and never fully appreciated the Kris. My Guro has one, and it is a fine weapon, but I've always found them to be unwieldy. Perhaps it is due to my size - 5'9, 170lbs. My preference is for mid-range blades like the Kukri, machete, Kambutili or Janap...
  16. Khukuri Knife

    Traditional Filipino Weapons makes a nice Kukri. I've purchased many items from Ron over the years. He's a great guy and sells top quality products that won't break the bank.
  17. Balisong

    Balisong Knife | Traditional Filipino Weapons I've done business with Ron. He's a true martial artist, great guy, and sources some of the finest Filipino weapons you get your hands on. I've been using his sticks for over a decade and they are the only ones that last. I haven't bought a blade...
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