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  1. NH State Shoot

    That was awesome!! [cheers] Congratulations
  2. Baretta A400 Xcel "blackout edition" reviews?

    I deal with Coles in Maine all the time for my Beretta and they are great! Before you go out the door with your gun, weigh the difference between Maine sales tax (unless you live in Maine) and shipping which is about $50. Shipping is usually cheaper. Again, unless you live in Maine, the gun...
  3. Getting into Sporting Clays

    Glad things are working out with the SxS. Just curious, where did you find the Peter's papers locally, and were they $20./box?
  4. Gunsmith recommendation/review

    Sergei has done good work for me on my shotgun (Beretta) several years ago. I never had him do wood work or stock work for me. Prices can be high, but when I needed a repair done he was there and took care of me. Whatever you do DO NOT go to his neighbor's house!
  5. Sharing Eye Doctor/Eyeware Recommendation

    I don't know where you are, MAC1911, but I buy my Ranger XLW script insert lens from Franklin Optical in Portsmouth, NH 603-433-2400. Sandy does a great job. Sometimes their FB page or website has coupons that they even recognize for Randolph products. BTW +2 for Dr. Ginsberg, been going to...
  6. What's the trampoline for?

    When we had one of our fun shoots, I made a ramp for the rabbit making it jump pretty good and the shooters liked it
  7. Shotgun Fitting?

    Cole's in Harpswell, Me. can do fittings also and they specialize in Berettas. Jim is an excellent gunsmith
  8. ATA Take Aim At Cancer Trap Shoot 9-22-19 UPDATE UPDATE

    If you are going to shoot the ATA program, if you are not a member, you can register for $20. at the event for the year (9/1/19 - 9/1/20), or if you can find any officers of the MATA some may have FREE introductory memberships. If you are going to shoot the 5 stand course for chances to win...
  9. ATA Take Aim At Cancer Trap Shoot 9-22-19 UPDATE UPDATE

    Gary, thank you very much for your club's generosity. Yes, feel free to advertise that these prizes are going to be at the shoot. If you are going to be at NLRG on the 15th, there will be some other items on display, and any questions answered. Hope to meet you, I am Steve H.
  10. ATA Take Aim At Cancer Trap Shoot 9-22-19 UPDATE UPDATE

    Everyone, it's that time of year again! 6th Annual Take Aim at Cancer Trap Shoot, sponsored by Woburn Sportsmen's Association and hosted by Minuteman Sportsman's Club, in Burlington, Ma. As always, ALL PROFITS GENERATED WILL BE DONATED TO DANA-FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE. over $220,000. donated to...
  11. ATA Shoot - Leominster Here is the program for this Sunday's shoot. You can renew your membership there. Just be sure that you DONT APPLY FOR A NEW MEMBERSHIP, you are renewing and use your original number. Pick the events you want to try and...
  12. 2nd State Shoot - NH State Preliminary Day

    Jon, Congratulations, you are a natural born trap shooter (youth and good eyesight is a help). Maine handicap penalty is 500 cap targets or a penalty of 2 yard over normal yardage (now 22.5) to a 23 yard minimum or 25 yard maximum. Sooooooooooo yes it does look like you will be at 24.5 unless...
  13. New to ATA

    If you are going to the Ma and NH state shoots, you can join ATA right there Adults $20/yr if you live in Ma you have to join MATA $10. you just have to join state assn in state you live in. You should do targets only and then you won't be penalized. Go, watch, talk to shooters, and get the...
  14. Westford Sportsmen's Club Nora Ross Clinic May 2019

    Just completed Nora's class this weekend at Westford Sportsmen's Club. Nora was GREAT as always, it was after 7pm each day when we finished. Nora spends as much time as needed with individual students and there is lots of shooting with various drills to improve your skills in singles, caps and...
  15. Minuteman Sportsmans club reviews?

    I shoot Trap at MM for their ATA events and state shoots they host. The club is great, with beautiful grounds and great staff. I am not a member there but several friends of mine are and enjoy the sporting clays course. MM is all shotgun and you should take a tour, go to their website and...
  16. Cancer Trap Shoot 9-23-18

    THANK YOU for all those that attended and donated to Shoot for the Cure. The weather, birds, facility, and friendship was all perfect.
  17. Cancer Trap Shoot 9-23-18

    Panama, I don't know about this year, but the last Cancer Shoot 2 years ago, Minute Man opened up the sporting clays course for those that did not want to shoot ATA, and also opened up the bunker trap machines for non ATA targets and there were some good prizes. It should be a good day.
  18. Cancer Trap Shoot 9-23-18

    Yes, but you can become a member when you register for $20. or $10 for a junior (under 21). This is a great cause and a really fun day, you don't have to shoot all venues. Minuteman Club is a great place to shoot. If I can answer any other questions please ask. Thanks
  19. Cancer Trap Shoot 9-23-18

    There will be a Charity Cancer Shoot with ATA registered targets Sunday 9/23/18. Woburn Sportsman's Association has raised almost $200,000 donated to Dana Farber. All money raised will be donated to Dana Farber. There will be many items for raffle. See attached flyer. The shoot will be at...
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