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  1. Pin and Weld

    Pullman Arms. They did 2 of mine and the micro welding was perfect.
  2. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    Marlin 39A my first .22 rifle I bought used. and Henry Golden Boy
  3. Feed issues with my p320 in a new icarus grip/jw slide combo

    I have the Icarus X Carry and X Compact. The mags from the Legion will fit and lock in both, but hang down in the compact. My Sig Compact mags will NOT lock in the X Compact due to the floor plate. I have been looking for different floor plates but most I have seen will not work in mage made...
  4. Shotgun bruising my middle finger - form problem?

    If you were comfortable with your trigger finger up to the knuckle, and re adjusted to go back to the finger tip pad, your gun fit may be off and you need your LOP adjusted which can be done easy with a new adjustable butt pad. If you like that gun, I would have someone look at your gun fit.
  5. School me on Lever Actions (please?)

    Cant go wrong with ANY Henry.
  6. 22lr conversion kit for glock

    I have the AA kit for my 23, and like the others said use the ammo they suggest and it works great. I have had mine for several years now and you get the feel of your firearm and its a lot cheaper
  7. Which rifle for .22 Short?

    Henry Model H001. Holds short/long/long rifle
  8. Opinion on Sig P320

    Once I received my email and shipping label from Sig after opting for the voluntary recall, it was done and back in a week! Painless.
  9. Lever Action recommendations needed

    Can't go wrong with a Henry Rifle. Made in America, great company, all calibers, fancy or not. Look at their website!
  10. Sig Sauer P320 Fails Drop Test

    Very interesting. Great testing. Wonder how many other Stryker fired pistols will do this if dropped in this manor?
  11. Sig 226 and 220

    Check with Sig, I think you can get a 9mm barrel and use the 9mm mags and have the best of both worlds. I did this with my Glock 23 which is 40 cal. bought a 9mm Storm Lake barrel and 9mm mag and I have 2 guns in 1. Check it out and buy them.
  12. In need of information about Biodegradable firearm cleaners; ATTN Armorers!

    Frog Lube is organic and environmental friendly. However, I bought some and was going to use it until I read all the directions. Gun needed to be completely cleaned of ALL oil and once you start with Frog Lube, you have to stay with the product. I read you can not use any oil product after...
  13. Do you need a MG licence just to shoot a MG?

    Go to Manchester Firing Line in Manchester, NH and you can pick from over 100 and if you have the money you can shoot all you want. Now at our club in Ma. you need to have all the proper licenses and documentation and permission from the club security to shoot one.
  14. Glock 19 Gen 4 issue with magazines

    This is what I found from a Glock parts website. Please note: Gen 4 magazines must be used in Gen 4 guns only if the magazine release is switched from the left side to the right side (for left-handed shooters). In any other case all previous generation magazines will fit the Gen4 and all Gen 4...
  15. Sig P226

    Yes, SIG. They were having a sale, and they gave me a deal on shipping since I was local. Printed label, took to FedEx and it came back to me about a week later. Had SRT and different size trigger to fit my smaller hand better. GREAT job!
  16. Sig sauer Grip screw size

    You have waited this long for the Mrs. to give you the new grips, unfortunately the screws are listed separate. I bet the store will be open tomorrow in Epping. If you and the Mrs. take a drive over there might be more presents! Good luck & Merry Christmas
  17. Tell me about .22LR conversions for Glocks

    I have the Advantage Arms kit for my G23, and use the stronger grade of bulk for this gun. As Miaboss stated it did not like the real cheap stuff, I don't use the magnums, but have had pretty good luck with the AA kit. I have a 22 conversion kit by Magpul for my 5.56 and same thing, it likes...
  18. What is Moly Coating?

    Attributes of Molybdenum [*=left]Good Machinability [*=left]Corrosion Resistance [*=left]Low Thermal Expansion [*=left]Excellent Strength and Stiffness at High Temperature [*=left]Excellent Thermal Conductivity [*=left]Ductility [*=left]Easily Fabricated [*=left]Low Emissivity...
  19. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    What Squib said, I have both too and the 226 is my favorite, I did send it back to Sig and had them install a SRT when they had a sale, and am very happy. You can't go wrong.
  20. Micro welding

    Yes, Pullman, they did work for me and it was perfect!
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