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  1. Smoke Bombs at CMP New England Games Match

    Maybe they saw you as a threat to win the match and used shmokee rounds to throw you off your game, get inside your head? Edit: congrats on the medal, good job!
  2. Eye Candy

    Their prices are super high, and pretty firm; trade-in allowances are said to be low. Other stuff is priced about average, give or take. Looks more like a museum compared to Four Seasons, but admission is free.....
  3. Miracle and second chances

    It's better to be six feet above ground than six feet under.... good luck and listen to your doctors!
  4. The first batch of CZ-82 C&R Handguns in YEARS has arrived

    I have to get off my ass and go for an FFL 03
  5. Practice, Practice

    An efficient use of time IMO!
  6. M1 Garand Bayonets.

    There are lots of scabbards on eBay but they aren't cheap.... looks as though they would end up costing more than the bayos did!
  7. M1 Garand Bayonets.

    I got three from them over the summer and pleased with the quality! They were well used but solid and functional, and the cosmo wiped right off
  8. It only took 63 years - with Pontiac Club Fall Tour Pics 10/14

    The Indian head on that hood ornament lights up, doesn't it? My dad made one into a lamp for his garage back in the 70s, very cool!
  9. Range Day: Mosin PU Sniper, '65 HXP, and Garand Thumb...

    Good trip to the range! I still use two hands to load my enblocs so I don't get pinched. Trying to do it with one is like trying to grab a piece of cheese from a mousetrap without it snapping...
  10. How many off the wall unfired C&R are you sitting on.

    Just one, got a 1943 Mosin Nagant a couple weeks ago from a fellow NESr. I have plenty of corrosive ammo for it but need to get some clean food for it before I try it out. I don't want the hassle....
  11. In NH and ME again, and something followed me home

    So it's true what they say about rabbits multiplying .....
  12. Selling collection

    Always check the OP date on a thread to make sure it's current ;)
  13. M14 kits back in stock

    I am tempted too, but recently bought a nice bolt gun and have to take a little break before starting any new projects... :( But I love that new Eddystone !
  14. Where would one find this rifle?

    Dark and fuzzy is your photo, looks like a Russian SKS to me because of the bayo?
  15. "I'm Bored" Poll: How Big is Your Collection?

    I have enough to survive for a while when the Zombie Apocalypse starts, and a decent exit strategy....
  16. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    Order placed, over 30 of that offer still available as of this post! Thanks again for the heads up!
  17. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    They came from Greece Covered in Grease For twenty-two apiece Wasn't you that got fleeced
  18. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    Now get to work cleaning them up! ;)
  19. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    LOL, you're as giddy as my grandson the week before Christmas! Good eye with the bayo deal!
  20. Find out what your job would have been in WW2

    Soldier, which is what I figured... even I know I'm expendable [iwojima]
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