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  1. The Army's new Sniper Rifle (MK22 ASR) with Retired Special Forces Sniper Kevin Owens

  2. Just received a 22 lr magazine loader.

    This works just like in the video. I like it. View: I got it from Ebay for $15. 95 with $5.00 shipping and had it in 4 days. Works like in video.
  3. Under $1,500

    I have an AMERICAN CLASSIC II 1911 in 45 ACP. It is competitive right out of the box. Mine shoots 2.25" groups at 25 yards with my reloads. They also make a 9mm version. They come with all the mods. that other ones need $1,000 spent on them to get them to shoot like mine.The trigger on mine acts...
  4. In case any of you 22 shooters are interested.

    Do you think that 1/8" hot rolled steel would be thick enough to stop 22 LR bullets and still spin around the shaft when hit? Or do you think that thicker steel ( 3/16" or 1/4" ) would be better and still spin? Years ago a buddy of mine tested a SKS shooting 7.62x39 APs at a steel plate and FMJ...
  5. In case any of you 22 shooters are interested.

    Slap shot, If you decide to make one make 2 of everything and I will compensate you for it. What are buddies for.
  6. In case any of you 22 shooters are interested.

    Took me a long time now it looks like it will be expensive. I wish more guys in my club would be interested. How about yours slap shot?
  7. In case any of you 22 shooters are interested.

    This guy makes these targets. PS: This guy makes them and charges $275.00 plus shipping. It would be great for your club. Rodney Downs 1095 SO. 800 E. Orem, Utah 84097 PH. 801-427-3431
  8. Was having trouble with my 10/22 jamming.

    mac1911, It still puts 10 shots in less than 1/2" at 25 yds.
  9. Was having trouble with my 10/22 jamming.

    If your bolt is the same as the 10/22 ( which it probably is ) KIDD should have the upgraded parts. Call 830-557-KIDD(5433) and ask them.
  10. Was having trouble with my 10/22 jamming.

    Please delete this duplicate Post.
  11. Was having trouble with my 10/22 jamming.

    I didn't know what was causing the stove pipe jams so I decided to change the extractor and so far it seemed to fix the problem.
  12. Was having trouble with my 10/22 jamming.

    I was having problems with my 10/22 jamming. I ordered a KIDD extractor and changed it out. I shot 100 bullets that I was having trouble with and with the new extractor didn't have one hiccup. I am one happy camper. [grin][grin][grin][grin]
  13. Installing the 10-22 Bolt w/ Gunsmither™ Bolt Tool

    I just replaces my extractor with a new KIDD extractor today. I watched a video to help me and it was not as easy as the video showed. This looks like a great tool for $12.95. [grin]
  14. Powered graphite for 10/22s.

    Boy, that looks like it may be better then the graphite.
  15. Powered graphite for 10/22s.

    I was told that if you lubricate the action with powdered graphite used for padlocks it will keep the action dry and will not collect dirt and burnt powder which can cause jams. You need to clean your action of all the crap and make sure it is dry before you put the graphite on the metal to...
  16. 10/22 after market stocks????

    I just measured the first group which was 1+1/16" and the last group with the Archangel stock was 3/8" centers to centers. PS: I think the main reason for the smaller group was because of the bipod and the centered bubble making the rifle hold a more consistent shooting position then when I...
  17. 10/22 after market stocks????

    slap shot said he will Post the old and new target for me tonight. I'm thanking him in advance. I went to Bullseye shooting range and after sighting in I shot 10 shots with the new Archangel stock. I was using a bipod which I adjusted to center the bubble level. It seems to shoot even better...
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