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  1. Upgrading from FID to LTC

    Because you’ve never had an LTC you’re considered a new applicant and will need to fill the form out as such. When I did mine I brought in another copy of my safety certificate. I think they already had one from my pre 21 FID but I wouldn’t bank on that.
  2. Open Carry WITHOUT a permit????

    Rob is referring to the 8% of LTC’s issued with restrictions from the local PD. They can issue a license to carry, but restrict you to target/hunting/sporting use only.
  3. Is it legal?

    Most regard this as legal as long as you’re not re-manufacturing the magazine in the process. If you’re just adding an extension on that’s removable and still fits the intended gun, it’s fine.
  4. Home and property defense in Mass I agree not everyone will respond in the same way. Also I did mistakenly make it seem this is...
  5. Home and property defense in Mass

    I don’t really see how this changes anything. For the first part, are you saying you’d rather die than go to jail? If so that’s your choice, but I’d make a different one. If I’m faced with death or jail ill pick jail all day long. Second I’m being rational in explaining how a person would...
  6. Home and property defense in Mass

    If you’re worrying about the legal fees, then your life isn’t in danger. This shouldn’t even be a question. If your life is in true danger and you have no way out, you will do what you have to do regardless of the aftermath. Yes MA law sucks, but a lot of people analyze it way too much. There...
  7. Pre-Ban high-cap AR magazine purchase in NH

    This. I get mine from a guy out west. They find them at gun shows for dirt cheap. OP, check with friends you may have around the country that are also gunners. You’d be surprised what you can find if you look.
  8. MG license required for SBRs??

    SBR is a class 3 firearm, but each class 3 item is regulated differently. Sounds like he’s lumping them together as all class 3’s following the same regulations.
  9. MG license required for SBRs??

    I’ve never heard of this. Just on the surface, why would you need a machine gun license for anything but a machine gun? On the books a machine gun license is described as a requirement to own a machine gun, not an SBR. This sounds a lot like a “Glocks are illegal in MA” type of guy to me.
  10. Glock magazines in MA

    Len, I don’t think you were wrong. Yes, gun broker charges a hefty premium for anything labeled “pre ban” that’s nothing new. They are definitely readily available for $70-80. It doesn’t take a lot of work- a day or 2 of looking through NES or armlist and they come up. In the peak of Covid I...
  11. Transfers

    I'm not quite sure what you're saying here. Yes, MA compliant AR's sold before Healey's enforcement notice are fair game to be sold on the private market. The OP stated "pre-ban" ar's which makes me think they are talking about a non-restricted, non-MA compliant AR which would be illegal to sell...
  12. Transfers

    You're right that there is no restriction on what you can sell privately- but only when it comes to pre Healey MA Compliant AR's, and handguns not on the FFL approved roster. The "assault weapons" ban is entirely different. This law not only effects sale but also ownership. It is illegal for any...
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