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  1. Barn Find SKS

    take the bolt out and clean the heck out of it and remove and clean the firing pin and the little tube on the bolt it fits in. When you fire it for the first time, load one round to make sure it fires and then load two to make sure it fires semi. You really don't want to load ten with a dirty...
  2. Found a BHP

    High Powers discriminate against lefties! I love them but never bought them as there is no safety for my thumb.
  3. Carcano Accuracy and THE Conspiracy Theory

    At the museam you are not allowed to go to the floor where Oswald shot, but you can go the floor below and and look out the window, one floor below from the shooting. Trees have grown and but they still have a "X" on the road below. I am not a good shot but it didn't look impossible. The museam...
  4. Carcano Accuracy and THE Conspiracy Theory

    Occam's razor - Occam's razor - Wikipedia
  5. 1873 Trapdoor - price/value opinions needed

    @majspud A friend of mine is an executor of an estate containing an 1873 Trapdoor Springfield. Could the collective brain trust offer their opinions on what a fair wholesale or retail price would be? Don't know the condition of the bore and obviously would need a gunsmith check/clean/inspect...
  6. H&R Garand Advice

    I wish I was 50, my take is why own a gun that you don't shoot? That's like having a football you don't play with. I'm not saying take it hunting is the wilds of Maine, but it was designed for a life of a soldier. I'm limited more from the $0.70 per round for my Garand ammo more than my concern...
  7. Coming Soon to a Range Near Me...

    Are you using Crisco or Bore Butter to prevent chain fire? I'm interesting in a new pursuit
  8. How Many Got Screwed by the New Tax Laws? This explains the tax situation
  9. How Many Got Screwed by the New Tax Laws?

    Please do the math, own/not owe is a dumb and useless metric. How much did you PAY in TOTAL FED TAX this year vs last based on a similar income. I paid 15% LESS total tax this year than last. I don't get refunds because I carefully adjust my withholdings and quarterly payments.
  10. How Many Got Screwed by the New Tax Laws?

    As part of the new tax law they reduced the amount withheld weekly to give you more money every week, that's why the "refunds" are lower. Again, look at what you paid last year and this year and tell the difference. I wish the GOP proposal from a decade ago, eliminating withholding and making...
  11. How Many Got Screwed by the New Tax Laws?

    Yes, I was capped and took the $24K standard deduction instead or itemizing state and local taxes that is now capped at $10K. I did not owe Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) this year and everything worked out for me.
  12. How Many Got Screwed by the New Tax Laws?

    Owe/Don't owe is a function of withholding. Pay me a $100 each week and every April 15th I'll write you a check for a $5100 refund. How much did you pay in total Fed tax compared to last year? I did quite well, in spite of not itemizing and taking the standard deduction for the first time in...
  13. Prototype M1 garands

    I looked into it about 5 years ago, at the time you would arrange a time and come in with a small group of people for a private tour. I probably should check again sometime
  14. Prototype M1 garands

    An outstanding use of two hours of your time. I am amazed how many gun owners haven't made the trek. I still have to get a group together for a private tour of all the good stuff hidden away. They have something like the first Garand, the 73 first made from tooling and the 1,2,3,4 and 5...
  15. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    OK so I got my three bayonets for the garand, one was nice and I was able to piece together another good one from the remaining two. Here is a dumb question, are bayonets suppose to be sharp? These are dull, real dull, no cutting edge at all. Are they suppose to be that way?
  16. My only reproduction firearm takes its place on the rack

    As a member of the The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, I salute your efforts here. My 2nd great grand dad fought with the PA 141 and I did track down the strange muskets they used but then lost interest. Let us know about your next encampment.
  17. M1 Greek bayonet at dupage BACK IN STOCK

    Watch out for shipping charges, I punched through the order only to discover I accepted a $17 charge for shipping!
  18. "I'm Bored" Poll: How Big is Your Collection?

    My answer is somewhere between not enough and none of your business. Hope good things are ahead for you.
  19. Thoughts on the Yugo M59/66 SKS?

    I have a chinese SKS and love it, I'm not a big fan of the grenade launcher on the yugo's. The trigger on my SKS was awful but I sent the trigger assembly to this guy who made it pretty darn nice: SKS triggers, improve the safety of the SKS carbines
  20. Raw Linseed Oil One Year Later

    and remember to properly dispose of linseed oil rags as they spontaneously combust. My co-worker tossed them in the trash and linseed oil rags combusted and burned his garage down.
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