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  1. Black powder in MA

    Assuming you mean Outback in Plympton? If so, I had the same problem as the OP and tried there. No luck- all they have is synthetic:(
  2. LOOKING FOR .45 ACP and 9MM self defense PLEASE DELETE

    Target Sports will probably post 9mm fed HST’s and gold dots Monday morning. The self defense ammo stays up longer (Usually around 30m to an hour or so). Are you a TS prime member?
  3. Before you stock in the next 10,000 rounds of ammo, maybe you should stop and think.

    I feel like this post wasn’t thought out. This is a gun forum, and most people on here shoot a lot. 4,000 rounds can be less than a months supply to any serious shooter. When we’re faced with a drought like we’re seeing now, shooting that volume is just too expensive at inflated prices. So no...
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