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  1. What gun is on your Christmas list?

    Dang, I am in the process of pinching my pennies looking at what I might get from the CMP. Still waiting on word of what and how much bonus will be.
  2. Take my money! Remington 870 DM (detachable magazine)

    Oh cool, another shotgun I am not that interested in!
  3. First Handgun

    I did the .22 revolver route. When I told the gf (now wife) that I was thinking about buying a 9mm she responded "Oh you wanted to buy a man's gun?" I do think there is some value to what you said about starting the collection worth a full size defensive caliber one. Of course thankfully I...
  4. Building a Les Baer

    (In case anyone was wondering Rob fact checked my story and now knows who I am and the company I work for.)
  5. Building a Les Baer

    I had never heard of them until Sandy called up for help writing a post processor one day. Looked them up afterwards and man are those some nice looking guns they have up there on their site.
  6. First Shotgun

    I really like the old wingmaster 870 I bought last year. Felt better built than the new production ones I tried and was only $260! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  7. Shotgun under $500 for deer.

    You can also get a used wingmaster and buy a barrel for about the same amount. (I got a '63 wingmaster for $250 on Wednesday) Just throwing out an alternative that gets to the same general thing. (Only can do 2 3/4" shells but also head and shoulders above an express made today)
  8. Ruger Sr1911

    I have a full size SR1911 and I like it. I know you said you arn't planning on carrying it, but I found with a good holster even a full size isn't that bad and I am able to putter around without feeling it digging into me or anything. Didn't seem to print enough for my wife to notice when I...
  9. Another 1911 Recommandation Post

    I just bought a Ruger today, haven't shot it yet but it sure was nice to clean tonight! (Wednesday is Range/Trap night so needed to clean it in preparation for range day)
  10. Ruger Introduces the GP100 in .22 LR

    1) Have you done any trigger work on your SP101? I switched out the spring to the lowest recommended on from wolf (I think) and polished things up and it took it to "not as bad as it was" trigger pull. So you can always do that. 2) From my understanding (atleast within the SP101) the springs...
  11. SP101 .22 Trigger

    Yeah the gf's train got delayed today so I had a bit of time to entertain myself tonight and took it half apart and went through taking out the main spring, etc and looking at the parts. I will try to smooth some stuff out but my thought is that the main trigger spring which from what I read...
  12. Opinions - Ruger SR1911

    Has anyone done a .22 conversion on the SR1911 that they were happy with? Trying to figure if I can get a good kit for it but wasn't sure if anyone had any personal experience.
  13. SP101 .22 Trigger

    Well single action requires pulling back the hammer which requires some hand strength. The pull after isn't bad at all.
  14. SP101 .22 Trigger

    Wondered if anyone had any advice on what might be good to do to improve the trigger pull on my sp101 .22 revolver. I have had it a while and have suffered through the trigger because I didn't want to do anything about it and it was fine. However, it can sure wear my hand out after a while and...
  15. Cheaper 1911s

    Where did you pick that up?
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